Comments from 2011

So what did the attendees from 2011 think of the We The People Convention?  Well, we asked them for feedback, and over 110 responded to our internet survey.  We asked them to rate the breakout sessions and the breakout session speakers.  The results were dramatic.  On average, 75% to 85% of the respondents indicated that we had exceeded their expectations with regard to the quality of the speakers and the breadth of the topics.  See the details below.

Very Disappointed Did Not Meet Expectations Met my Expectations Pleasantly Surprised Me I was “Wowwed”
Presentation Skills of the Breakout Session Speakers 0% 0% 23% 39% 38%
Knowledge Base of the Breakout Session Speakers 0% 0% 18% 34% 48%
Ability of the Breakout Session Speakers to Convey Information 0% 1% 20% 41% 38%
Breadth of Topics Available 0% 3% 17% 29% 51%
Credibility, life experience and/or credentials of the Breakout Speakers 0% 0% 19% 32% 50%
Number of Topics that Appealed to Me personally 0% 1% 18% 36% 46%

Next, we asked about the Friday and Saturday luncheons.  Both will feature nationally known speakers to give an inspirational lift.  Last year, we had TEA Party Patriot co-founder Beth Powers on Friday and Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund on Saturday.  When asked about the quality of these speeches, 71% said that they were either “pleasantly surprised” or “blown away” by how good they were!

However, we were not perfect in every way.  When rating the quality of the actual meals served, we got a lot of poor marks.  50% said that the meal quality was below expectations.  We expect to solve this issue and have a better quality meal at lunch this year!

Overall, our attendees gave us very high ratings for the first year.  89% of attendees said that they got their money’s worth or better from the convention.  That is an approval rating worthy of George Washington!