Hey ORP – Get a Clue and Just Do the Right Thing!

Fellow Patriots,

I am sure none of you are shocked that Jane Timken and the Ohio Republican Party did not even discuss, in their quarterly meeting today, voting to support Jim Jordan in his quests to be the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Exposed once again as the frauds that they are, pretending that they represent you and I and all Ohio Republicans, but then not acting when 80% of the people who elected them wanted them to endorse Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan.

As usual, not only could they not do the right thing, they did nothing, which is what they are really good at. That is all we were trying to prove, that no Ohio Republican voter should be fooled. The Ohio Republican Party does not represent Ohio voters, and does not share our values, our goals and our best interests. They only represent themselves and the rich “ruling class” that despises representative government, and democracy, and US, and have ruled over Ohio for decades through bribes disguised as campaign contributions. They will do everything they can to keep Jim Jordan from being Speaker no matter what lies they tell you. May we suggest that Chairman Timken at least have the common decency to end the fraud and remove the insulting “Your” from YOUR logo, because today you again proved that it’s not “our” Republican Party – it never has been.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

I didn’t know Jim Jordan was running for House Speaker . . .

The ORP State Central Committee has NEVER voted on something like this . . .

It might be perceived as “presumptuous” by voters for the ORP to Endorse Jordan . . .

The election for Speaker is not until after the November election . . .

It might violate our By-Laws to vote to Endorse Jim Jordan . . .

The ORP State CC does not vote for Speaker of the House, Congress does  . . .

Jim Jordan has not asked for our endorsement . . .

Seriously?  You didn’t know he was running? It might violate your By-Laws to endorse him? Jim Jordan hasn’t asked for your endorsement? Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. It’s not that complicated kids. Just look closely at the question that was asked in our state poll of Republican voters on August 19th:

As an Ohio Republican Voter, do you think that the Ohio Republican Party should endorse Jim Jordon, by voting to do so at their next state central committee meeting on September 7, 2018,  simply because he is an Ohio Republican who is running for Speaker of the US House of Representatives and deserves their support as a favorite son of our state?

79.82%  Think ORP Should Endorse Jordan
14.16%  Think ORP Should Endorse Best Candidate
6.02%  Think ORP Should NOT Endorse Anyone

We know you don’t have a vote in Congress! We don’t care if you have never done this before! Jim Jordan should not have to “ask” for your endorsement!  You should be falling all over yourselves to give him your support simply because it is good for Ohio and the Ohio Republican Party if an Ohio Republican were the Speaker of the US House of Representatives!!!! The vote Friday should be UNANIMOUS to Endorse Jim Jordan for Speaker!

Look at YOUR logo on the Ohio Republican Party website.  See the word “Your” that YOU put on the logo. What does that mean? I am pretty sure it means that YOU guys, the Ohio Republican Party, want to support what WE the Republican voters want the Ohio Republican Party to do. No? Well 80% of US clearly want YOU to endorse Jim Jordan for Speaker of the US House! What more do you need to get a clear idea of what you should do?

After all, WE the Republican voters just ELECTED ALL OF YOU IN MAY because you said that you supported Donald Trump and that YOU would make sure that the Ohio Republican Party acted to support Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda!  What single thing could YOU, the Ohio Republican Party, do to help President Trump, than to do EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to help Jim Jordan become Speaker when he is clearly the most supportive of Trump out of anyone who is or would run for Speaker?  The question begs to be answered, did you lie to us all during the primary? Do you support President Trump or not?  Your answer needs to come this Friday.

How do you think it looks to the rest of the nation if the Ohio Republican Party does not enthusiastically support their native son?? You should all be ashamed of yourselves for taking this long to do it. Jane Timken should have personally endorsed him the day he announced and she should be leading the effort to get a unanimous vote of some kind showing that WE, all Ohio Republicans and the Ohio Republican Party, support Jim Jordan for Speaker. Time to put on your Big Girl Pant’s Jane and show some leadership. Our activist have been calling and many State Central Committee members are enthusiastic about endorsing Jim Jordan. However, far too many have not responded and are apparently waiting to be told by someone what they should do, instead of just doing what the people they are supposed to represent want them to do.

Let’s cut to the chase. The Ohio Republican Party wants Ohio Voters, particularly grassroots Trump voters, to turn out and vote for Republican’s this November – many of whom do not support President Trump and quite frankly do not deserve our support. Not endorsing Jim Jordan for Speaker is a really good way to make sure that a whole bunch of grassroots Trump voters stay home in November. Get a clue. If you don’t have the personal integrity to just do the right thing, at least be smart enough to take a strictly symbolic vote, simply because it is in your best personal and political interest to do so. Every Republican on the ballot should be telling their State Central Committee members to vote Friday to endorse Jordan because their election may depends on it. Right Chabot, Balderson, DeWine, Renacci? Gonna be a close election boys, need every edge you can get. Friday’s vote is a cheap date that could provide big returns. Get a clue. Pass a unanimous resolution Friday to endorse Jim Jordan for Speaker of the US House. No charge for the free advice . . .


Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention