How to tell is something is Seriously Wrong with You #3!

Start making your own Meme’s pointing out what is “seriously wrong” with people in the US today and post them and send them to me for consideration to send out and post as well! Be sure to start using the phrase “their is something Seriously Wrong with YOU!” when you are talking to ANYONE who is attempting to defend the INSANE policies of the Left – like Open Boarders; 70% tax rates; Medicare for All; man-made climate change; free college for everyone; reparations; getting rid of the electoral college; “Diversity makes us Stronger”; gender is not biological; America is a racist nation; etc. If someone you know believes ANY of that you need to tell them “there is something SERIOUSLY Wrong with you!”

We are being silenced on social media, on regular media and now even our emails are being blocked!
Learn about what we are going to do about it 
and how YOU can help us win in 2020!