Letter to President Trump urging 2nd Special Counsel

March 9, 2018

President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC  20500

Mr. President,

First, as your most ardent supporters and activists, those signing this letter want to thank you for keeping your campaign promises to us and the American people. We could not be happier or more proud of what you have done in just over a year to “Make America Great Again.”  Our support for you has only grown as you have stood firmly with the common men and women, who are the backbone of our great nation, and put our needs over those of the wealthy and the special interests.

We write to you today on a matter of great importance.  We write to urge you to keep one of your most important campaign promises, which was to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC. We write to commit to you our total support for the actions that you must now take to protect and defend our sacred Constitution and the very future of our nation. While few people put “equal justice under the law” at the top of their list for why we, and millions of normal Americans, voted for you, we know that you knew that the elites and the “ruling class” had long ago crossed a line that is fundamental to what makes the United States truly exceptional. Put simply, these people believe that they are above the law and that the laws were made by them to control us. Nothing could be more offensive to an American citizen!

When we shouted “Lock Her Up” we meant it! We will not be second class citizens in our own nation. We will not be ruled over by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, Jon Koskinen, Louis Learner, John McCain, and all the rest.  All of whom illegally used the force of our federal government to affect the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election and tried to affect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. It is imperative, Mr. President, that justice be served upon all of them, as it would be served upon all of us if we had committed the felonies that they have committed.

Mr. President, there is a cancer in our Federal Government that is attacking our individual freedom and liberty and destroying our Constitution. That cancer must be removed or it will kill all of us – it will kill our nation. It is totally unreasonable to expect that the FBI and the DOJ can investigate themselves because they have proven, by their consistent refusal to release pertinent information to Congress, that they are covering up their crimes. Needless to say, they can not be trusted to investigate the State Department, or any other department, let alone the actions of the Obama White House or the Hillary Clinton Campaign or Foundation. Therefore, there is no choice but to appoint a second special counsel to conduct the most important investigation of our Federal Government in American History.

Like you, we are not fans of Special Counsels, and clearly the current Special Counsel’s phony “Witch Hunt” is evidence of why they should rarely be convened. However, in this case, there simply is no choice because all the other investigative agencies are compromised in this scandal. You must act immediately to name a second special counsel, someone like Joe DiGenova or someone from outside of Washington, and if Attorney General Sessions refuses, then he must be fired and we will back you on that. If Rod Rosenstein refuses, then he must be fired and we will back you on that. We don’t care if you have to fire the entire senior management of the FBI and the DOJ to get a special counsel, because they are all part of the crime and the coverup. It is they who must be investigated and those who have committed crimes must be charged and prosecuted.

We urge you, Mr. President, to act now. Nothing is more important to those of us who voted for you because we know that if these people are not prosecuted then we will never have a fair election again. If there is not equal justice under the law, then we are not a nation at all!  If they are not prosecuted, then the United States in no longer a nation governed by the rule of law, we will be a nation governed by the rule of men and women who consider themselves above the law and above US!  We will never allow that to happen! By acting with the full powers that We the People have vested in you as President, this cancer can be removed. Then we can heal as a people and have restored faith that those in Government will know that they are there to serve the needs of the people and not their own – or face the legal consequences.

Thank you for listening to our appeal. God Bless you Mr. President, and your family, and your staff. We know that it was through his will that you were elected to do these things that no one else could do. Never doubt that we are with you, regardless of how difficult the path forward may be.


Thomas R. Zawistowski
President, We The People Convention
Executive Director, Portage County TEA Party

Alfreda Green-Harvey Ohio Women For Liberty Cincinnati OH
Alice Hunter Trump Supporter Pataskala OH
Amanda Suffecool Benefactor / Life Member NRA Wayland OH
Amy Nemeth Trump Supporter Dayton OH
Andrew Casciato Sr Commander VFW Post 1055 Ravenna Ohio Ravenna OH
Andy Klush Member Portage County Tea Party Kent OH
Anita Rymer Life Member Of The NRA Plain City OH
Ann A. James Trump Supporter Oilville VA
Ann Beauchamp Treasurer, 7Th Congressional District Republican Committee Richmond VA
Ann Kissel Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Anne Kaczmarek President, Liberty Camp For Kids Aurora OH
Anne Ritchie Trump Supporter Powell OH
Anne Rockecharlie Trump Supporter Sabot VA
Annette Hack Morrow Co. Tea Party Mount Gilead OH
Arline Burridge Trump Supporter Ranchester WY
Barb Formentelli Trump Supporter Pataskala OH
Barb Liff Trump Supporter Concinnati OH
Barb Wagner Member Portage County Tea Party Kent OH
Barbara Burkard Miami Valley Citizens Informed Dayton OH
Barbara Holwadel Trump Supporter GOP Ward Chair Cincinnati OH
Barbara Momyer Trump Supporter Hopedale OH
Barbara T Paul Summit Tea Party & Trump Supporter Macedonia OH
Becky Tomor Trump Supporter Barberton OH
Betty J May Trump Supporter Buffalo WY
Betz Peacock Trump Supporter Youngstown OH
Bonnie Daniel Member North Central Ohio Conservatives Tiffin OH
Bonnie Dolezal Chairman Cleveland Hts GOP Cleveland Heights OH
Brenda G. Derreberry Member Portage County Tea Party Akron OH
Brian Kinnett NRA Member Galloway OH
Brian Murphy Life Member NRA Mogadore OH
Brian Witterstaetter Trump Supporter North Bend OH
Bryan C. Williams Trump Supporter Fairlawn OH
C.V. Anderson Fay.  High. Co. Tea Party   Life Men. NRA Greenfield OH
Carl L Crawford Member Portage County Tea Party Ravenna OH
Carl Sev Trump Mega Supporter Youngstown OH
Carl Nelson Goochland County Tea Party Manakin-Sabot VA
Carol B Setter Ohio Women For Liberty Cincinnati OH
Carol Bicking Trump Supporter Blacklick OH
Carol Greenberg Owner And Editor, Conservative-Outlooks.Com Perrysburg OH
Carol Griffiths Republican Precient Committee Person Warren OH
Carol J. Pelosi Trump Supporter Milford OH
Carole A. Moadus Portage County Tea Party, NRA, Trumbull Cty Republican Party Youngstown OH
Carole A. Weston Trump Supporter Diamond OH
Carolyn Haney Trump Supporter Maumee OH
Carolyn Uecker Lt Col USAF (Ret),Greeneco GOP Vice Chair, Gr Co Tea Party Fairborn OH
Cathy M. Walter Trump Supporter Medina OH
Char Downing Ward Chairman Mariemont OH Mariemont OH
Charles Parise Trump Supporter Lehigh Acres FL
Charles Peacock Trump Supporter Youngstown OH
Charlotte Whitmire Secretary-Goochland Tea Party,J. Birch Member, Oath Keepers Manakin-Sabot VA
Chris Hall Big Time Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Christine Grassel Morrow County Tea Party, NRA, Retired Military Mount Gilead OH
Christopher Krumm Trump Supporter Columbus OH
Christopher Lowe Treasurer, Top Of Ohio Patriots West Liberty OH
Christopher Yax Disciple Of Jesus Christ Little Egg Harbor NJ
Chuck Morley Trump Supporter Canton OH
Clark Orman Life Member NRA Ottumwa IA
Clifford Clore Trump Supporter New Philadelphia OH
Colleen Wilson Trump Supporter Akron OH
Cristina  Bosnjak Trump Supporter Columbus OH
Cynthia Bucholz Trump Supporter Chagrin Falls OH
Cynthia Meyerson Summit County Tea Party Akron OH
Cynthia Renee Telling Trump Supporter Hudson OH
Daniel and Mary Jane Groh Portage Co. Tea Party; Medina Cons. Coalition; Act For America Medina OH
Daniel E Fogt Union County 9-12 Member Delaware OH
Daniel G. Richards Tea Party West Chester Ohio – Board Member West Chester OH
Darrell Hartman Life Member NRA North Canton OH
Darrell Olinger Westerville Tea Party Westerville OH
Dave Schroeck FOP Member And Trump Supporter Erie PA
David Trump Supporter Tampa FL
David Andrew Trump Supporter Worcester MA
David Fernandez Trump Supporter New York NY
David Hamlin Portage County Tea Party, Cnty Rep Party Central Committee Mantua OH
David L. Campbell Trump Supporter Bluffton OH
David Lott Member Portage County Tea Party Or Life Member NRA Mogadore OH
David Miller Trump Supporter Pickerington OH
David Miller Trump Supporter Fairlawn OH
David P. Cole Reverand Melbourne FL
David Peterson Trump Supporter Kansas City MO
Deb Baker Member Top Of Ohio Patriots, Life Member NRA Bellefontaine OH
Debbie Barte Trump Supporter Baltimore OH
Deborah K. Guebert Chair Of Education Coalition For Ohians United 4 America Delaware OH
Denise Mayer Ohio Voter Integrity Founder Cincinnati OH
Denise Whalen President, Hocking County Women’s Republican Culb Logan OH
Dennis Arbaugh Portage County Tea Party, Life Member NRA,Trump Supporter Atwater OH
Dennis W Egbert NRA Member Hillsboro OH
Denver Sallee Deplorable Trump Supporter Novelty OH
Dewayne Knight Trump Supporter Rootstown OH
Diana Deuschle Trump Supporter Columbus OH
Diana M. Skaff President, Oregon Republican Club Curtice OH
Dianne Belsom President, Laurens County Tea Party Laurens SC
Diane Pierce Voter Montville OH
Don Birdsall Montgomery Co. Central Committee Member, NRA Member Dayton OH
Don Brown Maj. Usaf (Ret) Cincinnati OH
Donald & Belinda Husk Portage County Tea Party Members Kent OH
Donald Macko Trump Supporter Carmichael CA
Doris F Crawford Eastern Ohio Concerned Citizens Freeport OH
Dorothy Kurz Trump Supporter, Member, Portage County Tea Party Ravenna OH
Douglas A. Jaeger Conservative, Republican Cincinnati OH
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Saltis Trump Supporters Akron OH
Dwight Flax Life Member NRA Pataskala OH
E. Faye Basnett Trump Supporter Cadiz OH
E. Thomas Arnold Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Ed Frygier Life Member NRA Chagrin Falls OH
Edward Vincent Portage County Republican Central Committee Mogadore OH
Edward Harrison Portage County Tea Party Member Newton Falls OH
Edward Kurz Member Portage County Tea Party Ravenna OH
Edward Roloff Master Sergeant (USAF, Retired) Ravenna OH
Elizabeth Moore Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Elliot Z Pilarczyk Member Lake County GOP, Various Liberty Org. Painesville OH
Eric H. Olsen President Phyliss Schlafly Eagles, MT Shrugged Teaparty Billings MT
Franklin B Reams Top Of Ohio Patriots, NRA Members Zanesfield OH
Fred Sanborn Retired CEO Interactive Learning Systems, Inc. Cincinnati OH
G Aeschbacher Trump Supporter Canton OH
Gail Plaster Morrow County and Galion, OH TEA Parties Galion OH
Garfield W. Hartamn Trump Suupporter Cincinnati OH
Garr Burden Minuteman Hiram OH
Gayla Epure Trump Supporter Hamilton OH
Gene Roshon Life Member NRA Mount Gilead OH
Geoffrey A Hatcher NRA Member, Conservative Columbus OH
George & Darla Lee Trump Supporters Sparks NV
George Guju Life Member NRA Milford OH
Georgia Watson Trump Supporter New Albany OH
Gordon C. Harris Member Portage County Tea Party, NRA Life Member Ravenna OH
Graeme C. George Board Member, of A Tea Party In Ohio. Middletown OH
Gregory M. Jevnikar Trump Supporter Galion OH
Greig Mcdonald Tea Party Republican For Trump Newark OH
Harvey Norris Ohio Republican Party Streetsboro OH
Herbert J Mcallister Trump Supporter Kents Store VA
Holly Adams Trump Supporter Powell OH
Holly L Thacker Trump Supporter Valley View OH
Inge Kummant Trump Supporter Lakeside Marblehead OH
Jack Mcgee Franklin County OH Central  Committee Columbus OH
Jack Rozenek Stark Tusc 921 Groop Canron OH
James And Judy Nelson Trump Supporter Aurora OH
James B. & Julia L. Horton Chairman – North West Ohio Freedom Alliance Delta OH
James Beck President Trump Supporter Powell OH
James Clark Trump Supporter Wooster OH
James Coddington Concerned Citizen Fairfield OH
James E Burkholder Chairman Top Of Ohio Patriots Bellefontaine OH
James E Lutz Portage County Tea Party And Trump Supporter Mogadore OH
James & Jeannette Doerfler NRA Members, Trump Supporters Streetsboro OH
James Green President, North Central Ohio Conservatives Tiffin OH
James M and Patsy L Myles Members Republicsn Central Committee Randolph County MO
James Motylinski Trump Supporter Cadiz OH
James R Sherbaugh Jr Tea Party Atwater OH
James Siatras Trump Supporter Ravenna OH
James Wiblin Endowed Member NRA Newark OH
Ja Nae Obenauer Trump Supporter Brunswick OH
Janet L.  Anderson Fay. High. Co. Tea Party, Life Member NRA Greenfield OH
Janet Farist Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Janet Reno Trump Supporter, Medina County Friends And Neighbors” Medina OH
Janet Todaro Portage County Tea Party Hudson OH
Jean Campbell Trump Supporter Fredericktown OH
Jeanette Zerkle Board Member Top Of Ohio Patriots West Liberty OH
Jeannine Ruffing Trump Supporter Ostrander OH
Jeff Lanzillotta Regular Citizen Cincinnati OH
Jeff Reisman Trump Supporter Cuyahoga Falls OH
Jeff Reuer US Navy Chief Petty Officer, Retired Summerville SC
Jeff Schrecengost Trump Supporter Ravenna OH
Jennifer Hiles Chairwoman of The Hocking County Republican Party Hide Away Hills OH
Jerry Hudak Trump Supporter Newbury OH
Jerry William Huff Campaign Chair For Trump-Ross,Ohio Butler County Reading OH
Jerry Zielke Chairman Paulding County Republican Central Committee Antwerp OH
Jim And Jo Ann Wiblin Licking County Tea Party, Licking County Right To Life Newark OH
Jim Burkhart Trump Supporter Atwater OH
Jim Coomes Trump Supporter, Westerville Tea Party Member Westerville OH
Jim Hiles NRA Member/ Instructor Sugar Grove OH
Jim Kuzniakowski Trump Supporter Garrettsville OH
Jim Peters Trump Supporter Willoughby OH
Jim Watson Previous Franklin County Chair of The Ohio Constitution Party New Albany OH
Jim Weber Coffee Talk LIberty Group Painesville OH
Joann Bayless Member Top of Ohio Patriots, Trump Supporter West Mansfield OH
Jo Hendrix Trump Supporter Sheridan WY
Jody Pritchard Executive Central Committee Knox Co. Republican Party Mount Vernon OH
Joe Daly Hamilton County Republican Central Committee Anderson Township OH
Joe Mullet Trump Supporter Akron OH
John Albrecht Trump Supporter Mantua OH
John D Costanzo Trump Supporter, NRA Life Member Athens OH
John D Peterson Trump Supporter Caledonia OH
John Deal Trump Supporter Warren OH
John E. Zastawnik, Jr. Member Portage County Tea Party Mogadore OH
John Gazdag Member Portage County Tea Party Hudson OH
John Lovejoy Executive Committee, Harrison County Republican Party Jewett OH
John M Mccarty Portage County Republican Central Committee Garrettsville OH
John McAvoy Chair Toledo Tea Party, Board – NW Ohio Conservative Coalition Toledo OH
John Muzik Trump Supporter Painesville Twp. OH
John Rhoad Trump Supporter Washington C H OH
John Sans Treasurer Summit County Tea Party, Life Member NRA Akron OH
John Steen NRA Member Fredericktown OH
John Sticht Trump Supporter Cadiz OH
John T. Pugel, Sr. Loyal, Avid, Trump Supporter Bluffton SC
John West Trump Supporter Chagrin Falls OH
Jon Eells Life Member NRA Marietta OH
Jonathan Snyder Trump Supporter Mineral Ridge OH
Joseph E Mersnik Member Geauga County Tea  Party Chagrin Falls OH
Joseph Mumper Trump Supporter-Portage and Summit County Tea Party Stow OH
Joy Kantner Trump Supporter Wapakoneta OH
Joyce Lott Portage County Tea Party, Life Endowment Member NRA, USAF Mogadore OH
Joyce Siegfried Member Portage Co. Tea Party, NRA, Conservative Akron OH
Judith A Kelch Trump Supporter Amelia OH
Judith Ann Shibata Trump Supporter Aurora OH
Judith L. Huston Trump Supporter Cadiz OH
Judy Evans Ohio Women For Liberty Cincinnati OH
Judy Stemen Tea Party, AFA, Libery Council, GOA” Lancaster OH
Julie Klusty Pickens County Georgia Republican Party, Treasurer Jasper GA
Julie Nestor Trump Supporter Smithville OH
June Frick Goochland VA Tea Party Manakin Sabot VA
Karen Fowlds-Slack (Barry) Members Portage County Tea Party, NRA & Trump Supporter !!! Mogadore OH
Karen Gingras Trump Supporter Novi MI
Karen Lafountain Trump Supporter Oak Harbor OH
Kathleen & Rob Kocsis & Sons President Trump Supporter Norton OH
Kathryn M. Holm Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Kathy Gibson Sons & Daughters Of Liberty Orlando FL
Kathy Kates Portage County Tea Party Mansfield TX
Kathy L Johnson Member, Geauga County Tea Party Chardon OH
Keith D. Ashley Meigs County Tea Party Pomeroy OH
Ken A Starcher Life Member NRA Cuyahoga Falls OH
Ken Conzett Trump Supporter Poland OH
Kenneth Maresh Charter Member, Cuyahoga Valley Republicans Brecksville OH
Kevin Bojarski NRA Member, Board Member Cuyahoga Valley Republican Party Cleveland OH
Kimberly A. Loseff Precinct Executive, Anderson, OH Cincinnati OH
Laura Suboski Member Portage County Tea Party Freedom Twp OH
Laurie Groves Trump Supporter Thornville OH
Lee  Eizenberg Trump Supporter Sagamore Hills OH
Linda J Bennett Portage County Tea Party Aurora OH
Linda Myers Trump Supporter Mason OH
Linda Studer Trump Supporter Wooster OH
Linore Burkard Author Waynesville OH
Lisa Daly Republican Precinct Executive, Anderson Township, Ohio Cincinnati OH
Lisa Fox Trump Supporter Fredericktown OH
Lisa Marie Bast Trump Supporter North Canton OH
Loisirene Blumberg Life NRA Member Independence OH
Lou Lawson American Kent OH
Louann Cook Westerville Tea Party, Treasurer Westerville OH
Love Harold  Hedrick NRA Member Ravenna OH
Lt Col Michael Uecker USAF Board Member Greene County Career Center School Board Fairborn OH
Lucinda & John Lohiser Firelands Patriots Members & Trump Supporters Vermilion OH
Lutetia Vollintine Huge Trump Supporter Waco TX
Lynn Gibbs Board Member Toledo Tea Party Oregon OH
Margaret S. Elias Trump Supporter Jewett OH
Marie Jackson Trump Supporter Columbus OH
Marilyn  Matia Trump Suooorter Clevland OH
Mark Pitrone, USN[R] [Ret] Life Member Gun Owners of America,Portage County Tea Party Stow OH
Mark Zetzer Founder & Director, Grow Shaker; Rep Congressal Cand. OH-11 Shaker Heights OH
Marlene Johnson Trump Supporter Yellow Springs OH
Marquis Van De Mark Trump Supporter Hilliard OH
Marsha J. Haberer Ohio Women For Liberty Cincinnati OH
Marvin Schlabach Trump Supporter Fresno OH
Mary K Prokop The Cleveland Tea Party Cleveland Hts OH
Mary L Ryan Trump Supporter Canton OH
Mary M Franco Precinct Executive, Anderson Township, Cincinnati OH Cincinnaiti OH
Mary Yeager Concerned American Norwood OH
Melanie Mcvay Board Member Summit County Tea Party Macedonia OH
Melissa Joan Trump Supporter Mount Gilead OH
Michael Connaughton Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Michael D. Warren Trump Supporter Deltona FL
Michael Husar Trump Supporter Scottsdale AZ
Michael J. Petti Portage County Tea Party Aurora OH
Michael Lyons NRA Member And Certified Instructor Canal Winchester OH
Michael Petti TEA Party Member Aurora OH
Michael W Blinkhorn NRA Member, Leader OH 2nd Amend. Group, Act! For America Akron OH
Michael W. Niese Anderson Republican Precinct Committeeman Cincinnati OH
Molly Schulze Morrow County Tea Party Member, NRA Member Mount Gilead OH
David & Betty Musolf Trump Supporter La Rue OH
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Derreberry Members Goochland Tea Party Madens VA
Ruth Bosnjak Trump Supporter Transfer Pa PA
Myles Choate Trump Supporter Livingston TN
Nancy Capps Member Portage County Tea Party Kent OH
Nancy Channell Trump Supporter Newark OH
Nancy Muntean Trump Supporter North Canton OH
Nancy Waldren Trump Supporter Pataskala OH
Nanette Zawistowski Member Portage County Tea Party Akron OH
Nikki Bittner Trump Supporter Alliance OH
Pamela A. Hudson Trump Supporter Kent OH
Pamela Clark Anderson Tea Party, Gop Precinct Captain Cincinnati OH
Pamela Richards Trump Supporter Crestview FL
Pat Coscia Trump Supporter Colorado Springs CO
Pat Janero Trump Supporter Cuyahoga Falls OH
Patricia & Donald Schoo Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Patricia Delgenio Trump Supporter Girard OH
Patricia J. Stephens TEA Party Member Rootstown OH
Patty Lott Trump Supporter Beaufort SC
Paul & Colette Leskovyansky Member Portage County Tea Party Dennison OH
Paul A. Brown Trump Supporter Columbus OH
Paul Autenrieb Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Paul R. O’neill Trump Supporter South Euclid,44121 OH
Peggy Allan Trump Supporter Warren OH
Pete & Donna Lillo Life Member NRA Cuyahoga Falls OH
Pete Weber Trump Supporter Ravenna OK
Preston Cutright Portage County Tea Party Kent OH
Rachel Mullins Trump Supporter Riverton WY
Ralph Case Trump Supporter North Canton OH
Ralph Spampanato President, Stark-Tusc 912 Canton OH
Randy Fleming Trump Supporter Uniontown OH
Raymond H. Vanzant Trump Supporter Delaware OH
Rebecca Welzel NRA Life Member Rising Sun IN
Richard & Meta Hahn Director, Westerville Tea Party Westerville OH
Richard & Sue Burkholder Licking Cnty Rep. Central Committee, School Bd. Member Pataskala OH
Richard E. Hohn Tump Supporter and Volunteer In 2016 Election Cincinnati OH
Richard Leidel Member Portage County Tea Party Kent OH
Richard Mcvay Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Richard Monroe Portage County Republican Party Central Committee Person Ravenna OH
Ricki Pepin Constitution Supporter Springfield OH
Rita Scott Aurora Insider News Aurora OH
Robert  P. Stanker Sr Trump Supporter Vineland NJ
Robert A Deveny Trump Supporter Newton Falls OH
Robert & Marge Longshore Member Portage County Tea Party Ravenna OH
Robert E Lloyd Jr Member Central Ohio Patriots Mount Vernon OH
Robert M Levine Trump Supporter Catasauqua PA
Robert Wojnarowski Trump Supporter Parma OH
Roberta Shields Trumbull County Republican Women, 1St VP” Vienna OH
Roderick Clay Trump Supporter Westerville OH
Rodney Armstrong Trump Supporter Stow OH
Ron Wartko Member Portage County Tea Party Kent OH
Ron Wise Trump Supporter Portage County Tea Party Aurora, OH
Rosemary Boling Trump Suporter Port Clinton OH
Roy A Wagner Trump Supporter Westerville OH
Roy Williams Trump Supporter And Tea Party Member Mantua OH
Royce Miller Trump Supporter Apche Junction AZ
Ruth Thompson Miami Valley Citizens Informed (Former Tea Party) Kettering OH
Sabrina Christian Bennett Republican Party Rootstown OH
Sally A Dubinsky NRA Member And Trump Supporter Youngstown OH
Sandra Geisel Trump Supporter Farrell PA
Sarah Chaulk NRA Member; Member, Conservatives Of Central Ohio Alexandria OH
Scott Evans Life Member NRA, Portage County Tea Party Carmel IN
Scott Rozanski Life Member NRA Toledo OH
Sharon G Kelsey Trump Supporter, Lifetime NRA Mem., Morrow County Tea Party Mount Gilead OH
Shirley Brooks Trump Supporter Logan OH
Shirley Martin Voices Of Liberty Marion OH
S.K. Babcox Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Stacey West Vice Chair Sewickley Heights Republican Committee Sewickley PA
Stephen A. Bryk Republican Party Mogadore OH
Stephen Merkel Trump Supporter Bay Village OH
Steve Murray Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Steven Kotlar Life Member NRA Ravenna OH
Steven W Kraus Rep. Congressional Candidate, Ohio’s 9th District Sandusky OH
Steven Walker Trump Supporter Massillon OH
Sue Ellen King Trump Supporter Columbus OH
Susan Dessoir Haines Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Susan Emrick Trump Supporter Akron OH
Susan Fulton Conservative Westerville OH
Susan Holzapfel Ohio Women For Liberty Cincinnati OH
Susan L Boggs Trump Supporter Orient OH
Susan L. Hardenbergh Anderson Tea Party Coleader Cincinnati OH
Terri Brown Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Terri Iannetta President, Summit County (OH) Tea Party Stow OH
Terri L. Dewell License Practical Nurse Scio OH
Terri Wintersteller Trump Supporter Wadsworth OH
Terry Pierce Trump Supporter Montville OH
Terrylee Dembowski Supporter Of Toledo Tea Party Waslbridge OH
Theresa B. Kotlar Trump Supporter Ravenna OH
Theresa L. Carver Member Of Sharonville Tea Party Sharonville OH
Thomas Burns Member, Portage County Tea Party, NRA, And Trump Supporter Aurora OH
Thomas J Davis Member Portage County Tea Party Aurora OH
Thomas M. Dean Justice For All Ravenna OH
Thomas V. Sartori RNC Presidential Advisory Board Member Clearwater FL
Tim Pace NRA Member Portola CA
Timothy J. Paulus Trump Supporter Diamond OH
Timothy Ruffing Life Member NRA Ostrander OH
Tiomthy J. Burket Trump Supporter Cardington OH
Tishy Mason West Chester Ohio Tea Party, Republic Women of Warren Cnty Mason OH
Tj Trump Supporter Wooster OH
Tom Korey Trump Supporter Pittsburgh PA
Tom Setter Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Tony Ziehler Member Of Summit County Tea Party – Ohio Uniontown OH
Tracy Burdett Trump Supportter Louisville OH
Tracy Kane Trump Supporter Randolph OH
Trish P. Trump Supporter Copley OH
Vic Giannini Republican Party Akron OH
Vicki Flint Trump Supporter Phenix City AL
Victor E. & Sonja K. Giuffrida Portage Tea Party Members Stow OH
Victoria Fuller Trump Supporter Sneads Ferry NC
Victoria L. Young, rump Supporter Kent OH
Virginia Mack Chairman Putnam County Ohio Patriots Columbus Grove OH
Wanda Stearns Conservative Republican Columbus OH
Warren Holm Trump Supporter Cincinnati OH
Warren Whitesell Trump Supporter Russellville IN
William Andrew Hanchosky Trump Supporter Geneva OH
William C Laufer Trump Supporter Cleveland Hts OH
William Dempster Trump Supporter, Tea Party, NRA Montgomery OH
William Schmidt Member, Portage County Tea Party Kettering OH
William T Mars Trump Supporter Kent OH