New State Poll Shows Red Wave in Ohio!

Fellow Patriots,

As you know, polling has become primarily a propaganda tool for the left, and often the Republicans, creating fake poll after fake poll trying to influence your position or suppress your enthusiasm. Back before 2016 we decided that we would have to do our own polling, if we wanted to know the truth, and that has been our policy ever since. We don’t believe any poll unless we can verify it with our own poll.

Once again, we have been hearing ridiculous statements like Renacci is down by 10%, 15% or more and has no chance of winning, that ALL the Republican’s in Ohio State Races are losing, that Republican voters have no energy and will not turn out, Ohio is going to have a blue wave and all the Democrats are going to win because Trump is unpopular in Ohio! Horse Hockey!  None of what you are hearing is true as you will see below.

Now, we get it, both sides often put out fake polls to show a race is close to increase fund raising, which is unethical as hell but no one believes anyone in politics has any ethics anymore anyway. That being said, I am outraged by the fact the the Republican National Committee and the Senate Leadership Fund is telling large donors NOT to give money to Jim Renacci’s campaign “because it is not a winnable race” and using these fake polls to justify their actions. They have completely abandoned the Renacci campaign when it is a very winnable race and I believe that we will win it!

The fact is that a polling company can produce a poll that will give you any result you want. That being said, when I am asking you to spend your time, effort, and money, and myself as well, we can’t afford to lie to ourselves. We must know the truth so we can know where best to deploy our resources to get the best results. That is why we had the only poll in the nation that predicted the Trump 8% win in Ohio in 2016, because we knew the truth about what was happening on the ground in Ohio. So, as is our policy, we spent some of your hard earned donations and once again did our own state poll about a week ago and below are the results you can trust.

Please notice the 7.5% gap between Republicans and Democrats in our poll. That is not intentional over sampling, as our critics will claim, that shows the fact that their is no blue wave in Ohio, their is going to be a Red Wave in Ohio, because Republicans are going to turn out at a rate of about 8% more than Democrats. If you don’t believe me, go back and look at the difference between the Republican voter turn out and Democrat turn out in the primary when we were supposed to see a blue wave. You will see a gap of 160,000 more Republican voters and a gap of about 8% in turnout. Guess what happens if 8% more Republicans show up then Democrats?  Republican’s win going away.

If we, you and I, do our Patriotic duty, and focus on the goals I list below after the poll results, using the tools provided at the end of this email, that is what is going to happen. It’s our job to ignore all the noise and nonsense, stay focused on what is in OUR BEST INTERESTS, and make it happen!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

Here are the Top Goals for Ohio Conservative Activists this Election:

#1 – We must win EVERY Ohio race for US House of Representatives, not because we like all the candidates, but to protect the President from phony Democrat Impeachment Hearings for the next two years and keep our agenda moving forward!

#2 – We must gain seats in the US Senate by helping Jim Renacci defeat Sherrod Brownto stop the endless Democrat Obstruction of the President’s plans for America.

#3 – We must elect Frank LaRose as the Ohio Secretary of State over the George Soros backed socialist Kathleen Clyde to protect against Dem plans to rig the vote in Ohio in 2020.

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