• The 2013 We The People Convention general schedule is listed below.  More information including speaker biographies and descriptions of the topics are coming soon!


    Time Session Title Speaker
    8:00 Registration
    8:30 Pledge, Prayer, Opening Statements
    8:45 Religion in the Public Square Dr. David Forte, Cleveland State University
    9:50 State of the Economy William Fruth, Co-Founder of BBATask Force
    10:20 I Am American Article V Balance Budget Amendment Presentation Lou Marin/Loren Enns
    11:20 House Joint Resolution 7 Ohio Rep. Matt Huffman
    11:30 Article V Q&A Panel • Lew Uhler President NTLC & Panel Moderator • Ohio Representative Matt Huffman • Bill Fruth – Co-Founder of BBA Task Force • Loren Enns – VP I Am • Lou Marin – CEO I Am
    12:15 Lunch Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ)
    1:30 The Facts about Medicaid Expansion is Ohio Mary McCleary / Jason Hart / Greg Lawson
    2:30 The Fight Against Common Core in Ohio Ohio Rep. Andy Thompson and Heidi Huber
    3:05 The Case for Voter ID in Ohio Chris Long
    3:35 Illegal Immigration Ohio Rep. Matt Lynch
    4:00 The Status of the Agenda 21 fight in Ohio Cheryl Blakeley
    4:30 2014 Election Preview Panel Presentation Seth Morgan/Bryan Williams/Chris Littleton

    Agenda Updated 9-25-2013

    Conservative Outreach Panel

    The Conservative Outreach Panel at the 2012 Convention featuring (L-R) Deneen Borelli (FreedomWorks), Anita Moncrief (True the Vote), Brenda Mack (Ohio Black Republicans Association), David Spielman (FreedomWorks) and Zach Freeman (College Conservative)