Help us Build an Ohio TEA Party Radio Network

In 2016, the Ohio TEA Party used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the general media, to get its conservative, pro-Trump message out to Ohio Voters. That is how Trump was elected President. That’s not our opinion, the left spelled that out specifically in this confidential post-election report in May of 2017.

Hosted by Tom Zawistowski

You will read in that report that their plan is to “disarm right-wing misinformation” by making it impossible for conservatives to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google or be featured accurately in “traditional” newspapers and news channels. Their plan is to silence YOU and US and they are doing it!  Everyday, you read about conservatives being “banned” by Facebook, thrown off of YouTube and “shadow banned” on Twitter.

The bottom line is that the left does not intend to defeat us in the marketplace of ideas, because they can’t ! They intend to make sure that no one in Ohio hears our conservative ideas or knows about the incredible success of the Trump Presidency!

This is why we need our own radio network:

Based on this reality, we must develop new methods of communications for the 2020 election. Furthermore, we must be able to talk to people outside of our “silo” by not just “preaching to the choir” using our web pages and email blasts. We must have a communications method that can potentially reach everyone in the state of Ohio.

In our opinion, the best way to do that is to create a statewide conservative radio network, where every week, in every part of the state of Ohio, the public can get “real” news about what is going on in the world, our nation and our state. They can then take action to elect those candidates who will protect and defend our individual freedom and liberty and our beloved Constitution. To win in 2020 we MUST be able to message our fellow conservative citizens with the truth, on a consistent basis, in a world where the rest of the media is just putting out socialist/Democrat propaganda and outright lies.

In order to do that we need to raise a minimum of $80,000 to launch and run a statewide radio network for the entire year of 2020. We need to raise that money in small amounts from a wide base of supporters like you, not from one or two large donors, because pressure can be brought to bear on those large donors by the left and the political establishment of both parties to get them to defund our network. They can’t pressure thousands of you and if they can’t pressure you, they can’t pressure us.

If you will join us, and get others to do the same, we will WIN in 2020!

If just 8,000 Ohio TEA Party supporters give $10 ONE TIME our budget is met and we will not be silenced! If just 750 people pledge $10 per month, our budget is met! You know I would not ask for your support unless it was absolutely necessary and it’s not just necessary it is critical! No newspaper in the state will carry anything that we put out, less than 15% of my emails are reaching anyone, we are blocked on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the bottom line is that I am already talking to almost no one and that is the left’s plan. We will not let them defeat us by denying our 1st Amendment Rights! Stand with me right now and give our movement the tools we need to defeat the socialist/democrat left in 2020!

For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

Have Questions?

Here are some important details about the Radio Network that donors have asked about:
We intend to produce a weekly, one hour, news recap show that will air on at least five radio stations around the state on Saturday mornings. The show will also be streamed as live video over the internet and on Roku and Amazon Fire TV as it is recorded. Then audio and video archives will be available right after the show is recorded and will be available on the internet as well as Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The purpose of the show is to filter through the noise and focus on the news that really affects Your individual liberty, freedom and prosperity. Then we will give the audience directions on what actions they personally can take to protect their rights.

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