Thanks for a Great Convention!


    “Freedom is when the Government fears The People. Tyranny is when The People fear the Government.”

    — Mark Levin

    Well, by that definition, we all got a little of our freedoms back this week. For the first time in 4.5 years, there are some in the government who may be a little scared of The People.

    Americans nationwide found out this week that our own government, the government that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison and the rest of the founding fathers carefully crafted, the government that Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant risked everything to preserve, the government that millions of veterans have served, has betrayed our trust by trying to swing an election through brutish intimidation by civil servants, and possibly directed by our own elected leaders.

    But remember Freedom is not Free. The leaders of Tea Parties, 9/12 Groups, and even True The Vote have been personally persecuted by the IRS. Many groups disbanded rather than face the wrath of our unelected bureaucracy. If there ever was a time to donate to this cause, it is NOW. Please consider a donation to the We The People Convention, so we can continue our mission to Educate, Train and Inspire citizens and Patriot Group Leaders.


    posted 5-16-2013 by Paul Baker

    As you may be aware, Tom Zawistowski, the President of the e We The People Convention, presented himself as a candidate for the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. While Ton was not selected by the 66 Ohio Republican Central Committee members, Tom was able to address the committee members at the election meeting. Here is the video of his speech on Friday April 26.

    Posted 4-25-2013 by Paul Baker

    Wow! What a weekend! We want to thank all of our sponsors, speakers, volunteers and most importantly, our attendees. We do this all for your benefit!
    If you have a special memory, a great picture, or a testimonial of how this convention has caused change in your life, contact us here:

    We will be posting how to contact speakers, and speaker presentations as we have time, so check back frequently!
    Meanwhile, enjoy a little flavor of the convention!
    Here is Republican US Senate Candidate Josh Mandell’s address at the Friday Dinner:

    Here is Peter Vessenes speaking on Saturday Morning to all attendees:

    Here is Seth Morgan speaking at the Saturday Luncheon:

    Here is John Fund at the Friday luncheon:

    Here is a summary of FreedomWorks speakers at the We The People Convention: