Thanks to YOU for bailing out Balderson!

Balderson wins Ohio 12th Congressional Race 50.2 to 49.3 by 1,745 votes

My Fellow Patriots,

First, do you think Troy Balderson would have had ANY chance to win last night if YOU had not done your Duty???!!!

Second, Troy Balderson is owned by Pat Tiberi and John Kasich both big time “Never Trumpers”. They, stupidly, spent $4 million on a campaign talking about “opioids” and being “above politics” and staying away from the President’s achievements, which resulted in what should have been an easy 10%+ win becoming a very close race. Bottom line, if you don’t do you Duty Tuesday and Trump doesn’t come on Saturday, they lose!!!  Here is the lesson that “establishment” Republicans refuse to learn – running to the middle doesn’t work!!!  Running to the Right and toward Trump does work.

Third, I am sure you heard comments on TV and radio before the election where Kasich said that Troy Balderson told him that he had not invited Trump to campaign on his behalf! Gee that was brilliant. So, who invited Trump? My guess would be RNC Co-Chair Bob Paduchik, who actually lives in the District, and saw this disaster of a campaign blowing up a key Congressional seat and he intervened to bring Trump in on Saturday. Thanks Bob for saving us from another Kasich caused disaster. We will see in the general if they learned their lesson – but I doubt it.

Finally,  a trusted source close to Jim Jordan reached out to me Monday and told me that Jim Jordan and Donald Trump had talked “several times” over the last 17 months, and thus it was not the “first time they had ever met” this past weekend, as the article I sent out over the weekend had stated. I wanted to make sure that I corrected my previous email to you. Still, I would wish the Jim Jordan was talking to the President a lot more often than “several times” in the past 17th months. Perhaps after what Trump saw at the Lewis Center Rally, he will reach out to Jordan more often.

I can confirm that Jim Jordan, Ohio Congressman who had just announced his candidacy for Speaker of the US House of Representatives, was inexplicably NOT part of the program on Saturday, and was not supposed to be part of President Trumps remarks. My sources tell me that Jordan was simply walking through the crowd and greeting people when the crowd started chanting his name. That is when Trump noticed him and broke from his speech to invited him on to the stage.  Why was that I wonder?

I also noticed that Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken left Jim Jordan completely out of her “Chairman’s Update” state wide email on Sunday night. Didn’t even mention the huge reception Jordan received at the rally. No picture, no nothing. Why is that Jane? Shouldn’t Jane Timken, Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman, at least have personally endorse Jim Jordan the day he announced he was running for Speaker? What could possibly be keeping the Ohio Republican Party from supporting one of it’s own for Speaker of the US House? We will see what happens at the State Central Committee meeting on September 7, 2018.

Thank you for all that you do to protect and defend our individual Freedom and Liberty. As last night proved once again, it is We the People who must decide these key events by our own actions and, due to the incompetence of the Republican Party, we have our work cut out for us in the November elections.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski