We Must FOCUS on Ohio!

Fellow Patriots,

Lot’s of crazy things are happening every day and I know that they are driving everyone crazy, but we all MUST IGNORE the bright shiny objects the media serves up every day and FOCUS on OHIO and the things we CAN and must control!  Forget the fake bombings, the murder of a Saudi “journalist” in Turkey, and even the Invasion coming from Central America. Focus on OHIO – that is where we can make a difference.  Let’s get back to basics:

• Our #1 Goal is Protecting the President – because he is the only one looking out for the Average American.

• The #1 way we do that is to make sure that we do NOT lose ANY of the 12 Ohio Republican US House seats.

• The #2 way we do that is to throw communist, spousal abuser, Sherrod Brown out of the US Senate and replace him with Republican Jim Renacci

• The #3 way we do that is by making sure not to give control of the voting process in Ohio over to the Left  and instead elect Frank LaRose Secretary of State.

Now please listen to me. It doesn’t matter if you like your Republican Congressional candidate, it doesn’t matter if you like Jim Renacci or not, it doesn’t matter what Frank LaRose’s voting record is – this is about US, you and I, NOT THEM.  It is what is in our own best interest. We MUST do our job and Protect the President and everything else will take care of itself!

So, what does this mean to you?  First, the best way to support your local incumbent Congressman and Renacci is by volunteering to make calls or knock doors for the NRA. Click on this link and signup and Dave Conte will give you the tools you need.

Second, we all need to turn off the talking heads on the idiot box, quit spending hours arguing with idiots on social media, and get the hell out of our personal silo’s and engage the public to get out the vote this election. They are talking about a 45% turnout in most locations for this general election, that is down from 71.33% in 2016! That means that 2.26 million Ohioans who voted in 2016 are going to stay home and not vote! That would be great if they were all Democratic voters, but it’s up to us to make sure that NONE of them are Trump voters!

Like I said at the top – it’s time to get back to basics. We would be much better off if each of us picked up a yard sign, or made one, for our Congressman, and/or Renacci, and/or Frank LaRose and just stood on a busy street corner holding it for the same amount of time you spend watching FoxNews or listening to Rush or Hannity or tweeting or looking at Facebook! Here’s the best part, you can go out and hold the sign WHILE you are listening to Rush or Hannity or watching FoxNews or tweeting or Facebooking using your IPhone or Android smart phone! Life is good in America! So, why don’t we do that for the next 12 days??? Don’t you think that would have a big effect on voter turnout this election?  I do.

How about this Saturday, you just take a walk around your block and just knock on doors and ask people if they have any questions about the candidates in this election??? No lit drops, no canned scripts, just “Hi my Name is Tom and I live down the block and I am really concerned about the upcoming election and I was wondering if you have any questions about any of the candidates?”  Simple. Unexpected. Effective. Just one person talking to another. A REAL conversation vs an online “conversation.”

What if you just sat down tonight and wrote a personal note to people on your Christmas card list in Ohio and encourage them to vote, telling them if they don’t know who to vote for they can just go to www.OhioESlateCard.com to get a personalize slate card customized to their own ballot. Then mail the cards this weekend so they get them in time to vote.

I don’t have all the ideas, but you get my drift. Keep it simple and do something to get visible in your community. Get our candidates names out there. Make sure that people understand what is at stake in this election – for THEM.  Make it personal. They need to vote for their own best interest and that means supporting the President if they like the way the country is headed since the 2016 election. Tell them how to do that.

I didn’t mean to get too preachy, I just got the sense that too many of us were losing our focus in the midst of all the insanity. We have a very important job to do and only 12 days to do it. I don’t want to just win on November 6th, I want to beat the “socialist democrats” so bad that we make the anchors on CNN and MSLSD cry when their boy Sherrod Brown goes down in flames. It’s time to show the nation that Ohio is NOT a Purple State, we are a RED STATE NOW thanks to Donald J. Trump!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention