What are our Goals for the 2018 Elections?

Here are the Top Goals for Ohio Conservative Activists this Election:

#1 – We must win EVERY Ohio race for US House of Representatives, not because we like all the candidates, but to protect the President from phony Democrat Impeachment Hearings for the next two years and keep our agenda moving forward!

#2 – We must gain seats in the US Senate by helping Jim Renacci defeat Sherrod Brown to stop the endless Democrat Obstruction of the President’s plans for America.

#3 – We must elect Frank LaRose as the Ohio Secretary of State over the George Soros backed socialist Kathleen Clyde to protect against Dem plans to rig the vote in Ohio in 2020.

Here is what you can do to Protect Your Prosperity:

1) Take Advantage of the Tools provided by the NRA:

Start making calls and handing out literature for Renacci and the Republican candidates for Congress. We have teamed up with the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) to provide you with the tools you need to affect the vote this November. This was how we won in 2016! They have software that helps you call Trump Voters around the state from home. They are also now ready to set up some phone banks around the state AND I understand that they now have materials for you to take door-to-door in your area. In 2016 YOU, the Ohio TEA Party Volunteers, made more phone calls and did more door-knocks for the NRA than in any other swing state in the Nation!  To hold our ground and win in 2018 we need to prove we can do it again! Please volunteer to use these tools by clicking on this link to volunteer or by contacting:

David Conte, 703-708-4664, David@nrailafrontlines.com

2) Know who to vote FOR – Get Your Ohio Conservative Voter Guide NOWand then Send the Link to EVERYONE!


Download the E-Slate Card to your Phone or Computer HERE

3) Register People you Know to Vote and Vote Absentee and Ask Others to Do So!

It’s real simple, we need to turn out everyone who voted for Trump in Ohio in 2016, and those who did not in 2016 but now like what the President is doing for them and the country and want him to keep doing it!  How do we do that?
First, ask friends and family if they are registered to vote. If they are not, go to this link and print out a voter registration form for them and get them registered! Just mail in the form BY OCTOBER 9th and they can vote!

Then,  you want to talk to friends and relatives who support Trump and tell them how important it is for them to vote this time if they want to keep the benefits that we have gotten since we elected Trump.  But before you talk to them, go to this link and print a bunch of Absentee Ballot Request forms and give them to friends to fill out and send in to their county Board of Elections.

Then get them the E-Slate Card above so they know which conservative candidates should get their vote. You can even print one out for them by putting in their name and county and street address and then printing the slate card so you can hand it to them. Voting early by absentee ballot guarantees their vote gets in, and get’s counted, and saves our candidates money because they will then stop sending them expensive campaign materials!

4)  Display a Large sign on your Barn, Business or Fence Like this one:

Make a Donation of $150 and Get a 12 Foot x 6 Foot Vinyl Sign
Make a Donation of $100 and get a 8 Foot x 4 Foot Vinyl Sign
Make a Donation of $50 and get a 6 Foot x 3 Foot Vinyl Sign

5) Tom Z will come to your community and hold a “Red Wave Rally”!

I will come and speak to your group and your community if you’d like. If you schedule me, I will do a robo-call into your community inviting voters to a “Red Wave Rally” where I will explain what is at stake this election and how they can act to protect their own prosperity and President Trump. Send me the dates and times you would like me to come to your community to speak, tomz@wethepeopleconvention.org, and I will fill out my calendar on a first-me first-served basis.

6) Forward this email to everyone you know who support Trump and wants to protect their own prosperity!

7) Donate to help us create an Ohio “Red Wave” this election!

Since we are working to elect federal, state and local Republican candidates, we must use our www.FreedomforAllPAC.org Super PAC. We would like to do social media advertising, robo-calls, email marketing and more. Those things all cost money. Since we are a Super PAC, any person, group, company or union can make a donation in any amount.  Click the Donate button below or Please mail your check to: Freedom for All PAC, P.O. Box 6211, Akron, OH 44312.