Why You Should Exhibit

  • The 2011 convention had about 500 visitors each day of the convention, and this year the expectation is that the attendence will at least double.  Further, the schedule has been arranged with more more break time, making it more likely for attendees to chat and purchase from vendors.  In a survey of last year’s attendees, 75% indicated that they made a purchase from a vendor, and 90% indicated that they had picked up information from exhibitors.  Demographically, about 97% were from Ohio.

    The following are the registered vendors for the 2012 convention:

    Heritage Foundation
    Libertarian Party Of Ohio
    NetBoots,a Service of Terra Eclipse< Inc.
    Faith & Freedom Coalition of OH.
    Edward Jones
    The Heartland Institute
    True the Vote
    Freedom Works
    Ohio Voter Integrity Project
    Buckeye Institute
    Heritage Foundation
    American Majority
    Americans for Prosperity
    Freedom Works
    Ohio Energy Resource Alliance
    Personhood Ohio
    Free Enterprise Society
    The Eagle has Crashed
    Abigail Adams
    Truth in Heritage
    The Liberal Guide to the Tea Party Mind
    Thomas Jefferson Knowledge Institute
    Christian Educators Association International
    Ohio Workplace Freedom
    Frack Nation
    Fair Tax
    Ohio Christian University
    Union County 912
    Leon Neisus
    NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
    Anglea Blunt
    Esther’s Cookies
    Transition Times, LLC