WTPC Federal Endorsements for 2018 Primary

The We the People Convention Implores ALL Conservatives to VOTE in the Republican Primary on May 8th- because this time your VOTE will ACTUALLY be worth more than ever before! Consider this, in 2016 nearly 2,000,000 people voted in the Republican Primary, this time it is looking like as few as 500,000 people will vote in the Republican Primary in Ohio! So, by voting this time your vote will be worth 4 times as much as in 2016 ! Get out and vote! Here are our recommendations:

US Senate:  Mike Gibbons

US House of Representatives:

Steve Chabot, Ohio 1st
Brad Wenstrup, Ohio 2nd
Jim Burgess, Ohio 3rd

Jim Jordan, Ohio 4th
Robert Latta, Ohio 5th
Bill Johnson, Ohio 6th

Bob Gibbs, Ohio 7th
Warren Davidson, Ohio 8th
Steve Kraus, Ohio 9th

John Mitchel, Ohio 10th
Beverly Goldstein, Ohio 11th
Melanie Leneghan, Ohio 12th
Christopher DePizzo, Ohio 13th
David Joyce, Ohio 14th
Steve Stivers, Ohio 15th
Christina Hagan, 16th

Click HERE to see who the Ohio TEA Party supports in the Ohio State Races!