We The People Convention 2014


    The entire staff of the We The People Convention would like to thank our attendees, speakers and vendors for making the 2014 We The People Convention a great success. We took a different approach this year, concentrating on expanding the our outreach and inclusion of groups that have not yet grasped our message.
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    If you can donate to the We The People Convention, it can help us defray the costs of the 2014 Convention and future events.  Please help the We The People Convention  execute its mission to educate, train, recruit and inspire the conservative movement in Ohio!

    As we get the videos complete from the convention compiled, they will be posted here.  For one hour of video, it can generally require 20 hours of editing time to produce a high quality video.  We are grateful to our videographers Lanny and Brenda Derreberry for all the hard work put into producing these videos.

    Ted Stevenot of Ohio Rising explains the importance of county central committees and the impact it has on the candidate selection.

    Bill Norton explains how to use “The Language of Liberty” to bring the cause of Liberty to people that have not embraced the conservative message. Learn how to talk to people with concepts they support and understand!

    Dr. Tim Johnson, founder of the Frederick Douglas Foundation, talks not of just outreach, but inclusion of Blacks in the conservative movement.

    Ron Ponder, radio host on WHBC in Canton, speaks to the 2014 Convention with the theme of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

    State Representative John Adams (district 85) speaks of his experiences in the Statehouse.

    Charlie Kirk WOWS the convention with his talk on how to reach the conservative message to high school and college students. Charlie is the founder of Turning Point, which has a presence on college campuses in all 50 states.

    Jim Jordan gives an update at the 2014 We The People Convention on the Congressional investigation into the IRS Targeting scandal.

    This video is the welcome video from Richard Vigueriel. This was shown at the start of the 2014 convention.