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    Thanking God this Thanksgiving Day for allowing us to be born, or to have legally immigrated, into the greatest nation to ever exist on this earth. The most just, the most tolerant, the most joyous, the most free, the most generous, the most religious, the most admired, the most prosperous nation ever created. We pledge this Thanksgiving Day, to do everything in our power as citizens, to protect and defend our great nation against enemies both foreign and domestic, so as to preserve and grow its freedom and liberty for the benefit of all mankind. Happy Thanksgiving!

    PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release: Thursday, November 16, 2017


    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, is calling for Congress to immediately disclose the names and details of all sexual assault cases involving members of Congress for which $15 million in taxpayer dollars have been spent on settlements since 1997. The demand for disclosure comes after Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) disclosed in House testimony that the Office of Compliance had paid out settlements in over 200 cases against lawmakers since 1997 for all claims the office covered for racial and religious discrimination and sexual harassment.
    Zawistowski said, “It is incomprehensible to American taxpayers that a sitting member of Congress, or their senior staff, could sexually harass or even assault someone, let alone people employed by them, and not be held accountable by leadership by being thrown out of Congress and/or paying with their own money for any settlement they worked out with the victim. This is so wrong on so many fronts. Where is the “Ethics” Committee?? Where are Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Are they not enabling these sexual predators by guaranteeing that they will not be identified and then telling them that even if found guilty they will not have to pay for a settlement??? We find it rich that these same people are calling for Roy Moore to step down in Alabama, when none of the charges against him have been proven, while at the same time they are paying out settlements for other members of Congress who clearly were proven guilty as charged for sexual harassment or assault. Talk about the height of hypocrisy.”
    Zawistowski continued, “We are writing to all members of the Ohio Congressional Delegation today, Republicans and Democrats, demanding that they push leadership to immediately release the names and details of all of the sexual assault cases in which settlements were paid by the OCC, and to disclose if they or any of their staff have been involved in these cases. We are demanding that Congress immediately end this program, including the requirement that accusers attend counseling after making charges and the use of taxpayer dollars to pay settlements. We demand that Congress implement the same rules that corporations are required to implement in their Human Resources Departments and that any member of Congress found to have committed a crime by HR, such as rape, be referred to the police. When is Congress going to get the message that We the People will not allow our elected officials to place themselves above the law and misuse our tax dollars for their own personal benefit? We demand equal justice under the law and we will not settle for anything less in this case and all the other criminal activity involving Congress and those who work in Government and in the DC Swamp. Disclose the names and details NOW!”

    “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.
    You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

    Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

    My Fellow Patriots:

    I am writing today to discuss a very important topic and to give a call to action that I ask you to take today. The above quote by Saul Alinsky is being used again today, as it has been for decades, to attack YOU and we must not allow them to continue to succeed. The most glaring example of this is what is going on in Alabama with Judge Roy Moore. This clearly politically motivated attack on Judge Moore violates our values and our strong belief in justice as Americans.

    While the left always forgives the most vile among them for whatever they do – “Bill Clinton can rape multiple women but as long as he was for Abortion he get’s my vote!” However, they then turn to you and suggest that as a Conservative and a Christian that you can only support people who are saints. If one of our candidates or elected officials have ever done ANYTHING wrong in their entire lives, you must abandon your support for them immediately or you are a hypocrite or worse! This is insane and is a psychological ploy intended to undermine your Conservative and Christian beliefs – but all to often we take the bait.

    Christian beliefs are what we aspire to and we know that none of us can fully achieve them. We know that we are inherently flawed and we are taught that God will forgive our sins and that we must forgive others. Yet we get bullied into forsaking people who we know are good people because of something they once did in their life that was wrong. Let me be clear, if a 14 year old were accusing Roy Moore of molesting her last month or last year, that is something else entirely, but that is not what is happening here.

    The concept of statues of limitations goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks in Athens and for good reasons. If a citizens has been aggrieved, it was believed they should make the accusation as soon as possible and demand justice. If they did not, then the harm done was obviously not significant enough to require civil or legal relief. Furthermore, a statue of limitations is set to protect the rights of the accused as well, since a prolonged delay in making accusations or bringing suit, significantly denies them of witnesses and evidence that could be used in their defense. That is what they are doing to Judge Moore. Clearly, these charges from 40 years ago violate this important concept of equal justice under the law.

    Furthermore, this trap was set intentionally, at this specific moment, to make sure that Judge Moore has no access to a “fair trial” either in court or in public opinion. For clowns like Mitt Romney to say “Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections” is not what most American’s believe. Fortunately, the people of Alabama have more common sense and wisdom than everyone in Washington and New York combined. They have seen this act before and they aren’t buying it. They are standing with Judge Moore whom most of them know personally.

    The very idea that these charges are brought by the Washington Post which has been proven wrong over and over and over this year with scandalous accusation after scandalous accusation, usually put out on a Friday, brings these charges into serious question. Then to find out that it took six meetings with the primary accuser to convince her to come forward, tells me that this victim was manipulated. The fact that their story is so well told does not give them credibility but instead reminds me of the Rolling Stone Duke Lacrosese story which was also so well told and also completely false. The Washington Post is going to make it sound good because they will do ANYTHING to defeat us – including making up lies!

    Now, I trust you to reason this out and make your own decisions. I have made up my mind and I will stand with Judge Roy Moore. I am asking you to donate NOW to his campaign, because the establishment ruling class, like John McCain and Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney, are cutting off any funds for Moore’s campaign in an effort to make sure that he loses. As we learned long ago in the TEA Party Movement, the ruling class “Republicans” would always prefer to have a Democrat win than to have to deal with a true Republican that they can’t control. So Judge Moore is fighting the Democrat candidate, the alt-left media, AND the “Republican” Establishment and we need to help him win!

    Please click on this link and Donate to his campaign today. Please also take parts of this email and post it on your social media to support Judge Moore in the court of public opinion. Please forward this email to anyone you know who may be conflicted on this issue.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Zawistowski





    My Fellow Patriots,

    During this eight year journey that we have been on together, we have tried to understand exactly why our government no longer works for us, when it appeared to work during most of our lives, and how we can fix it.  What we have come to understand is that the reason our government no longer works is because it is corrupt to its core, at every level, and the reality is that it has always been corrupt, we just didn’t know it because we did not have access to what was going on. Thank the internet for exposing our ignorance and forcing us to see what is so horrible that none of us could even have imagined what we now know to be true when the TEA Party started!

    That reality does not change the fact that we NEED our Government to work for all Americans if we are to survive as a nation and have our individual Liberty and Freedom and thus prosperity. It is not an option to just do nothing. However, the challenge is to do the right things, the things that make a difference. Which is why I am always asking myself if we are fighting the right war!

    Take a break from this email and click on this link, or the image below, and it should take you to a YouTube video that makes me think that we are still not fighting the right war. Watch this short video interview and then come back to this email:

    Now, how do WE change what Ken Buck describes in this video? Those are the problems we must solve. How do we attack this “system” of corruption and make it work for “We the People”?  Don’t fool yourself, this is exactly what goes on in the State legislature in every state as well!

    It is not enough to throw out the people who betray us. It is not enough to elect good people to replace them. We MUST Defeat the system that is itself corrupt in order to restore Representative Governance. Government of the people, for the people and by the people – because right now NONE of that is true!

    I will look forward to hearing your ideas on how we address the systemic corruption exposed in this video. I am confident that together we will find a path forward – we just need to be sure that we fighting the right enemies!

    For Liberty,

    Tom Zawistowski



    For Immediate Release: Wednesday, October 4, 2017


    AKRON, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, confirmed today that he is indeed considering running for Congress for the open seat in the Ohio 16th District. The seat is currently held by Republican Jim Renacci, who is running for Ohio Governor. The Ohio 16th District includes parts of Cuyahoga, Media, Summit, Stark and Portage counties as well as all of Wayne County in Northeast Ohio.

    Zawistowski said, “I have been getting a lot of inquires about my running for Congress and I felt that I should make this public statement to clarify my position. I am honored that several influential parties within, and connected to, the Republican Party reached out to me and asked me to consider running for this seat about a month ago. Since then I have been talking to people I trust and respect within the party, like Congressman Jim Jordan and Warren Davidson and others, as well as leaders in the TEA Party Movement locally, statewide and nationally about that possibility. Let me be clear, my main goal and focus, and that of the TEA Party Movement, is to restore representative government to all levels of government in our nation. The decision to run or not to run for Congress will be made based on what options are available that best help us achieve our goals. So, yes, I am considering running for Congress in that context.”

    Zawistowski continued, “We don’t take this decision lightly. The two Cuyahoga County based candidates in this race will spend millions to win the Republican primary. We don’t have millions. My wife and I have spent most of our small life savings and significant amounts of our annual income from our small family business helping to fund the TEA Party Movement in Ohio over the past eight years. Often working up to 80 hours per week combined without pay. That being said, Judge Roy Moore was outspent 7:1 in his run-off primary in Alabama last month and won. Last year, when I led the effort in Ohio to elect Donald Trump we were outspent by probably 30:1 and we won. If I decide to run I am confident that we will win because no candidate will have anywhere near the grassroots support that I will have. Furthermore, I was encouraged by a poll that we took in the district last week that showed that I was the only one of the four potential candidates that had majority support from people who already knew who we were. Interestingly both candidates who have served, or are serving, in the Ohio House had 2:1 negative ratings from people who knew them. Even the third announced candidate, who is a sports figure, had a negative rating from those who knew who he was.”

    Zawistowski concluded, “That being said, tens of thousands of hard working, Patriotic, TEA Party supporters depend on me to provide direction and leadership on a daily basis, so this decision is not about me it’s about them and what we need to do for our nation. My running would pull considerable money, time and effort from the TEA Party members locally and around the state and the nation who would be personally invested in my running. I don’t take that commitment lightly and I will not ask them to make that commitment unless it is absolutely clear that it is the best use of our collective resources in attaining our overall goals. We will decide if my running for Congress is the best thing to do for our Movement and our nation most likely by the end of this year.”



    Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions after Charlottesville

    August 14, 2017

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Attorney General Sessions,

    We, the undersigned members of the TEA Party Movement and other conservative groups, are writing to urge the Department of Justice to do a thorough investigation of the rioting that took place in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend which resulted in the death of one protestor and two VA State Police Officers and injuries to dozens more who were involved in the rioting. We fully expect that your department will investigate what led to the tragic death by vehicle, and the over 20 other injuries, caused by the individual from Ohio who has been arrested and charged. We look forward to hearing the results of that investigation when it is concluded.

    However, we are also asking your department, as part of your investigation, to go deeper than previous investigation have gone and specifically investigate the organizers and funders behind the ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and “Unite the Right” organizations and any coordination that they may have had with the Governor of Virginia and/or the Mayor and other government officials of Charlottesville, VA including the Police Chief. Let us explain why we make this request. Most, if not all of us, who have signed this letter have attended many large protests over the past eight years and have actually organized many protests ourselves. We know that the protestors and counter-protestors in Charlottesville should never have gotten within miles of each other, let alone been close enough to fight each other. We are perplexed by the reports that the Charlottesville Police and Virginia State troopers were held back and did not move to prevent the riot on Saturday until both sides were fully engaged. (See Washington Post August 13th Story)  We cannot understand why the National Guard was not deployed to keep the groups apart or why the local and state police did not act pro-actively when they knew weeks in advance about the event.

    Furthermore, none of us on this letter support the ideas promoted by the Klu Klux Klan or Nazi ideology. However, all of us strongly support the US Constitution and the right of even the most vile and despicable Americans to have freedom of speech and the right to protest. This includes “Unite the Right” and Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA. While we reject what they say and believe, we defend their right to do so, and no one should be defending that right more than the US Department of Justice. More importantly, it is the DUTY of the Charlottesville, VA police and the VA State police to protect the protestors in Charlottesville, and they did not do so, and that is totally unacceptable under our laws.

    It has been reported that the ANTIFA and BLM groups are funded by leftists including George Soros, TV producer Norman Lear, Actor Rob Reiner, Anna Burger of the SEIU, Anne Bartley of the Rockefeller Family Fund, Tom Steyer California Hedge Fund manager, Paul Egerman for IDX Systems and Leah Hunt-Hendrix of the Hunt family. These funders, and the paid management of these two groups, are violating untold number of local, state and federal laws by paying to recruit, train and deploy violent thugs to attack American Citizens in order to stop them from exercising their constitutional rights – whether that be at a campus speech or a planned peaceful protest. While we are outraged by the rioting and the killing and wounding of protestors and counter-protestors, we are also outraged that groups like ANTIFA and BLM pre-planned to create the riots and were paid to go to Charlottesville to violently attack the “Unite the Right” rally protestors and violate their Constitutional rights.  Just like they have done in Berkley Califorinia and other locations around the nation with impunity. This needless violence will continue to escalate until the US Department of Justice uses the RICO laws and/or whatever means are necessary to hold those accountable who are routinely orchestrating this terrorism against law abiding American Citizens all across our nation.

    Nothing would have happened this weekend, no one would have died or been injured, if the Black Lives Matters and/or ANTIFA group did what any other law abiding group would have done – which is to hold a peaceful Pro-Black Lives Matter event in another location at the same time. They did not do that by design. It was their intent, and that of their funders and managers, to incite riots and hurt people, and that is illegal. Again, we do not defend the “Unite the Right” protestors’ positions, nor do we claim that they are innocent of crimes. We simply want equal justice under the law from the Department of Justice, something we haven’t seen for a very long time.

    Therefore, we the undersigned hereby request, that the US Department of Justice specifically:

    • Go beyond the events that occured in Charlottesville and investigate actions by groups and individuals leading up to the events this weekend.
    • Investigate the funders and managers of all groups involved for criminal activity and identify them publicly.
    • Investigate the connections between the riot in Charlottesville to events in Berkley, Baltimore, Ferguson and other riots.
    • Provide information about where these protestors come from, if they are paid to be there, who pays them, how much they are paid, who posts bail, etc.
    • Investigate any correspondence and/or coordination between the groups who were involved in Charlottesville and state and local government officials before and during the event.
    • Investigate the actions of the local and state police prior to and during the event, including why so few people were arrested; why the groups were allowed by police to bring weapons and chemicals to the event; why the police allowed the groups to be in close proximity to each other.

    We would appreciate your personally reporting back to us on your agencies specific findings on each of these requests. We thank you for your time and attention to these important questions that we have raised in this letter.


    Thomas R. Zawistowski, President
    We The People Convention, Inc. (OH)

    Signed by 75 Liberty Group Leaders from Across the Nation



    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 8, 2017



    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, released the results of an Ohio poll conducted today to determine support for President Trump and his policies since the election. The We the People Convention poll last October was the first and most accurate poll predicting the huge Trump win in Ohio. The poll conducted today re-polled the voters who participated in the original poll and 249 Ohio voters provided their opinions. A total of 112 participants in today’s poll, had said they would vote for Trump and actually did vote for Trump last November, with 91 (82%) saying that they fully support the President now and 19 (17%) saying that they strongly support the President now. Meaning that 99% of actual Ohio Trump voters still support the President and only 1% do not.

The poll today showed 55% of Ohioans support President Trump now, including 8.6% who said they voted for Hilary Clinton, and only 45% do not support the President. That is an increase of 3% from the 52.1% who voted for Trump in Ohio last November. Other findings in the poll results show that 60.8% of participants do not believe that the Russians had anything to do with Trump winning, while 39.2% believe that the only reason Trump won was because of Russian interference in the election – 92% of whom voted for Clinton. Finally 53.88% of the poll participants said that they trust Donald Trump more than the media while 46.12% said that they trust the media more than Donald Trump.

    Zawistowski commented on the poll results saying, “The polling industry pretended to do a lot of soul searching after being completely wrong in last year’s election, but these results prove that nothing has changed. The Quinnipiac poll showing Trump support “at a new low” of 33% and the Gallop daily tracking poll showing only 38% support are simply wrong, at least in Ohio. Like last year, we believe that these polls, unlike our polls, are designed to affect public opinion not find the truth about public opinion. Last year it did not work and it is not working this year, even more so, because the election results proved that they were fake polls. Only the minority of die hard Democrat voters believe these fake polls because they want to believe them. Just like they believed the phony polls about Obama over the past 8 years. It actually is laughable to us in Ohio that the fake news media and those on the left can actually convince themselves that even though the economy is booming; unemployment is down; food stamps usage is down; the stock market is soaring; and small businesses are growing – it has nothing to do with Trump and the majority of American’s do not approve of his performance! This poll demonstrates that those who believe these fake polls continue to be out of touch with reality and simply can’t see past their own bias and hate for the President, for the American working class and for American Values. Those of us in Ohio pray for these lost souls who bought the lie and are now living that lie as their actual lives.”
    The poll contained 39.75% Republican voters, 39% Democratic voters and 20.88% self described Independent voters. A total of 57% were women and 43% were men and represented all age groups from 21 to 65+. The poll was conducted by TRZ Communication of Akron, Ohio.


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 1, 2017


    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, today called on the four Republican candidates for Ohio Governor to debate each other and stop denying the voters their rightful opportunity to contrast and compare the various policy positions on key issues. Zawistowski issued his pubic appeal to the candidates after the four candidates could not agree to participate in a live streamed debate sponsored by the Ohio Chapter of American’s for Prosperity that was scheduled for September 5, 2017. The four candidates are Attorney General Mike DeWine, Secretary of State Jon Husted, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor and US Congressman Jim Renacci.

    Zawistowski said, “In the 2014 Governor’s election we literally did not have a single debate between Kasich and Fitzgerald. That was simply appalling and a disservice to Ohio’s voters, but that entire election was a shame designed to deny Ohio voters a choice – and the Repubican’s succeeded. Now this year, Mike DeWine, who is leading the race in most polls, is refusing to debate the other candidates, and so the Husted camp is refusing to debate unless DeWine is in the debate, and the Taylor and Renacci teams will not debate unless at least DeWine or Husted is in the debate. Which begs the question, what is everyone so afraid of? The truth? See, in our working class world, we have to compete every day to keep our jobs and grow our businesses. American’s want leaders who will compete and can win with better ideas. Not people who want to hide. Mike DeWine, if you are the best candidate then prove it! Take on all comers and let the best man or woman win! Jon Husted, you should be thrilled to show Ohio’s voters who you are by debating anyone and everyone who will debate you on the issues in front of a statewide audience. So, be a leader and stop letting the DeWine team set the rules of the game! This kind of cowardice is what American’s hate about our political system and our government. Since the TEA Party began all we have seen are rigged elections by both political parties where the goal is to limit competition and limit our voting choices in the primary so that “you can vote for anyone you want in the general election as long as it is one of the people the parties picked for you.” That is no choice at all and results in the lack of representation that was so disgustingly on display in the US Senate last week when Republicans were publicly exposed to be liars and charlatans by failing to repeal Obamacare.”

    Zawistowski concluded by saying, “We saw this with our June 24th We the People Convention event where we wanted to publicly release all of the candidates videos of them answering really good questions from TEA Party activists. The DeWine team decided that they did not want their video released to the public and then the Husted team would not let us release their video if DeWine did not. Both DeWine and Husted did a terrific job answering the questions and it is a shame that they will not let the public see their videos. Only Renacci allowed his video to be released and people who viewed it really got a sense of who he is and why he is running for Governor. (View the video here.) Mary Taylor did not attend the event for personal reasons. Mike DeWine has a history of not being willing to debate. All the way back in 1994 DeWine refused to participate in a Cleveland City Club debate while running for US Senate against Joel Hyatt. We are sick and tired of having candidates who’s images are crafted by ad agencies and communicated through commercials that tell us what we want to hear instead of the truth about what the candidate really believes. Only in a debate can you get the full measure of the man or woman and compare apples to apples on issues and ideas. We urge all four candidates to debate each other early and often and we urge all citizens to urge the candidates to do so as well. After eight disastrous years of the Kasich Administration, in the 2018 election Ohioans must elect the person with the best ideas as Governor if we intend to improve our economy and stop the flow of citizen out of our state.”




    What a surprise, Ohio Senator Rob Portman Lied to Ohio Voters AGAIN last year when he unequivocally said that he would vote to repeal Obamacare. Now he has the chance to do it and instead he says he will not because he wants to permanently make you pay to insure the 720,000 able bodied people Governor John Kasich put on Medicaid Expansion in Ohio – against your wishes. (Click here for story) He didn’t say that last year did he? Would he have gotten your vote if he did? Repeal of Obamacare was THE issue in last year’s election and Rob Portman looked you in the face and lied to you.

    Then again, that is nothing new. Remember in 2010 when Portman got the support of social conservatives and was elected by saying he was unequivocally for traditional marriage. Yeah, he lied then as well. When it came time to keep his promise, when we most needed him to keep his promise, he instead became the poster child for republicans supporting “gay-marriage” even though 62% of the Ohioans voted against it.

    So I encourage you to give him a call at 202-224-3353 and let him know how you feel about him lying to you last year and about him denying you the Freedom and Liberty to control your own health care decisions in a competitive private health care system.
     Does Rob Portman give a damn about you and your family being able to pay for your health care premiums and deductibles? No, he just wants to make sure you are taxed enough to pay for people who he and Kasich want to give “free health care” to at your expense . . . and that his buddies in the Hospital Association, and the Insurance Industry, and the pharmaceutical Industry keep getting BILLIONS of your dollars to provide crappy, expensive, government controlled health care.
    Portman and Kasich have so much empathy for those they want to give your money to, but none for you and your family. It’s not Medicaid Expansion, it’s welfare gentlemen, and you so-called “republicans” just want to keep expanding government spending until you bankrupt our state and our nation – hardly republican values.For those of you who are attending the Ohio Republican Party State Dinner this Saturday, July 22, 2017 at The Ohio Union 1739 North High Street in Columbus, perhaps you can send Senator Portman a
    message when he comes up to speak since he is a Featured Speaker. Turn your backs on him perhaps, since he has turned his back on you and your family?
    Some of you might like to voice your opinions to those Republicans who are attending the event as well – the event gets started at 4:30 PM on Saturday. Should be a few congressmen in attendance as well who you might have a message for as well after their pathetic performance this year. Just sayin . . .
    Here is Portman’s contact information, please call and email TODAY !

    Washington, D.C. Office

    448 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    Phone: 202-224-3353

    Columbus Office

    37 West Broad Street
    Room 300
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Phone: 614-469-6774
    Toll-Free: 1-800-205-6446 (OHIO)

    Cincinnati Office

    312 Walnut Street
    Room 3425
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
    Phone: 513-684-3265

    Cleveland Office

    1240 East 9th Street
    Room 3061
    Cleveland, OH 44199
    Phone: 216-522-7095

    Toledo Office

    420 Madison Avenue
    Room 1210
    Toledo, OH 43604
    Phone: 419-259-3895

    Go here to email him: Rob Portman Email Contact
    Make your voice heard, make your vote count !
    Yours in Liberty,
    Ann Becker


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, July 13, 2017


    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, today announced the result of the first Conservative Coalition Tracking Poll which measures the current position of the four announced Republican Governor candidates among TEA Party and Liberty Group Activist, Social Conservatives, Gun Owners, Fiscal Conservatives, and Trump Democrats who formed the coalition that carried Ohio for Donald Trump in last year’s Presidential Election. The We the People Convention held a “Meet the Republican Governor Candidates” event outside of Columbus on June 24th where all four candidates were given the opportunity to address nearly 300 top activist in the state for an hour each. Mary Taylor was the only candidate that did not attend due to personal family issues. The poll results show that US Congressman Jim Renacci was the overwhelming winner among the WTPC attendees, with 61.74% of those voting saying that if the primary election were held today he would get their vote. Secretary of State Jon Husted was second with 23.48% of the vote, while Attorney General Mike DeWine receive support from 14.78% of the voters.

    Commenting on the poll, Zawistowski said “I would not have predicted that Congressman Renacci would win by such a large margin, since many if not most of the attendees were meeting him for the first time. He obviously made a strong first impression. (You can see a complete video of Renacci’s presentation here. The other candidates opted not to release the video of their presentation.) All three candidates made excellent presentations and the question and answer part of the program was very insightful for both the candidates and the activists as the poll results also show. I would point out that we did ask in the poll if those voting were open to changing their vote between now and the primary election in 2018 and nearly 50% said they were – with only 31% saying they would not change their vote. Most importantly, 91% of the activist said that they intended to work in their community for their candidate and 95% said that they would likely support the Republican Primary winner, even if their candidate were not the nominee, depend on who wins the primary. I think that is why the candidates felt that it was important to speak at this event because the people who attended are the people who got out the vote last year and will get out the vote again in 2018.”

    Zawistowski concluded by saying, “This is a tracking poll like we did last year with so many people in the Republican Presidential Primary. We will continue to poll at least once per month until the Lieutenant Governor candidates are announced later this year. Then I would expect that we would start to see a consensus that would lead to an endorsement of one of the four. This gives the candidates time to speak to individual groups around the state to make their case and we are actively working with all the campaigns to book them with our groups in the coming months.”


    Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 29, 2017


    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention announced the results of a statewide Ohio poll tonight concerning the Medicaid Expansion Freeze that was included in the Budget just passed on Wednesday by the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate. Contrary to polls put out by medical groups and others who benefit financially from Medicaid Expansion, the We the People Convention Poll shows that 60.6% of all Ohioans do NOT want Governor Kasich to line-item veto the Medicaid Expansion Freeze in the budget, which does not cut anyone’s Medicaid benefits, but simply stops growing the program that is already $7 Billion over budget. Furthermore, the survey showed that if Governor Kasich does line-item veto the Medicaid Expansion Freeze, a plurality of all Ohioans, 51.7% to 49.3%, said that they would want the Ohio House and Ohio Senate to reconvene next week and override the Governor’s veto.
    Since the state is controlled by Republicans and the Budget was pass with only Republican votes, all of them from Governor Kasich, to Speaker Rosenberger and Senate President Obhof, and every Republican in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate, will get a very strong message from the poll results from their Republican voters. A total of 81% of Republican voters do NOT want Governor Kasich to line-item veto the Medicaid Expansion Freeze. Then an equally strong 68.5% of Republican voters want Republicans in the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate to Override the Governor’s Veto if required.
    Commenting on the poll, Zawistowski said, “Ohioans understand that Governor Kasich’s Medicaid Expansion is simply unsustainable. We credit the Republican members of the Ohio House and Ohio Senate, and their leadership, for recognizing that someone has to stop Kasich before he bankrupts Ohio. While we in the TEA Party/Liberty movement believe that Medicaid Expansion should be ended – its not Medicaid it is welfare expansion – we were convinced that a first step of just stopping the growth of the program, without cutting anyone’s benefits, was a “caring way” to take a first step as our Governor likes to say. We fully expect him to line-item veto the Medicaid Expansion Freeze because John Kasich sees no reason to ever stop giving other people’s money away while pretending he cares so much about people – but never mentioning the tax payers who pay for all his misguided spending. Therefore, we also fully expect, and all Republicans should expect, all 59 House Members who voted for the budget with the Freeze in it on Wednesday, and ALL 7 members who did not vote for the budget, to join all 23 members of the Senate next Thursday, July 6th and impose some financial sanity on the Governor by overriding his veto and representing their constituents – particularly the tax payers in their districts who are paying the bill for this irresponsible and unnecessary spending.”
    This Ohio poll was conducted for the We the People Convention, Inc. by TRZ Communications Services, Inc. of Akron, Ohio which was the polling company that first predicted the Trump Ohio landslide victory in last year’s Presidential election. This automated poll was conducted on Thursday, June 29, 2017 between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. The poll was designed to gather public opinion on the issue of Freezing Medicaid Expansion in Ohio. Calls were placed to 45,105 randomly selected voters from our data base of 4.5 million current land line phone numbers in Ohio. Of the 9,901 who answered our call, 625 respondents completed our automated poll, a 6.3% response rate. The poll has a margin of error of ± 4.0% at the 95% confidence level. Demographically 26.99% of respondents vote Democrat, 29.6% vote Republican and 43% do not affiliate with any party. The gender breakdown was 57.68% women and 42.32% men. Results were gathered from 80 of the 88 Counties in Ohio. Every age group from 24 year olds to 90 year olds were surveyed.


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, June 14, 2017


    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, reacted strongly to the shooting of a Republican Congressmen today in Alexandria, VA.  Zawistowski said, “The thoughts and prayers of all of us in the TEA Party movement go out this morning to Congressman Steve Scalise, his staff and security detail, the police officers who responded, and everyone affected by this cowardly act today. There are clear indications that this shooting was a political act, as the shooter apparently wanted to know if the baseball players were Republicans or Democrats. The constant violent rhetoric coming from Democrats, including the Mayor of Los Angeles and the DNC Chairman himself, and from the Alt-Left, from “leaders” of the “Resist” and the George Soros funded “ANTIFA” movements, and their allies in the media, is directly responsible for creating an environment in our nation that encourages violent actions like we have seen today. This must stop and it must stop today. Democratic leaders like Schumer and Pelosi need to stand up to the violent anti-American radicals who have taken over their party and must return to participating in our representative government instead of trying to overthrow it – through violence or “any means necessary.”  The victims of this coordinated effort since the election, led by Soros funded Media Matters, are every American who voted for change in the last year’s election and who’s votes the Democrats, the media, and the Alt-Left are doing their best to invalidate with lies, leaks and violence. We the People see who is attacking our nation, our laws, our elections, our free speech rights and our very lives, and it certainly is not the Russians, and those responsible will pay a heavy price in elections at every level in the months and years to come.”




    For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, is asking his organizations’ members to call the US Supreme Court at 202-479-3000 and demand that they act immediately to allow the temporary travel ban to be implemented for national security reasons and the safety of the American people. The Trump Administration, through the Justice Department, asked the Supreme Court last week to reinstate the temporary travel ban and then hear the case. On Monday sixteen State Attorney Generals filed briefs with the Supreme Court asking for the travel ban to be reinstated as well.

    Zawistowski said, “The murderous acts of radical islamic terrorism that we are seeing repeatedly in England, France, and other nations should make it clear to the members of the US Supreme Court that having a stay on the travel ban that President Trump wants to implement is a real threat to the safety of all Americans. We the People DEMAND that the Supreme Court act immediately to remove this unreasonable and unwise restriction while the case travels through the courts. It only makes sense, based on the clear evidence that ISIS is sending terrorists from these countries into Europe and other nations to kill innocent people, that we should err on the side of caution in this instance. To not do so would mean the Supreme Court is recklessly risking the very lives of Americans for some ideological debate that has no basis in law. We urge all citizens, particularly supporters of the TEA Party Movement, to call the US Supreme Court today at 202-479-3000 and demand that the stay be lifted immediately and that they fulfill the first and most important duty of all branches of our Federal Government – which is to protect and defend us from attacks by foreign sources.”

    Zawistowski concluded, “The very idea that paid federal employees, meaning the Supreme Court Justices, would leave for a three month vacation, without acting with urgency to protect the lives of America citizens before doing so, is literally revolting to the average American. This is not some theoretical debate to the parents of the children in Manchester or the relatives of tourists in London who were butchered, this is a clear and present danger that our courts are preventing our President from addressing. Furthermore, as the briefs filed by the State Attorney Generals point out, these lower court rulings are acting beyond their authority when they are attempting to extend the full array of constitutional rights to non-US citizens who are not protected by the US Constitution. Not to mention the lower courts attempts to undermine fundamental constitutional powers that are legally within the rights of the President and have been exercised repeatedly by previous Presidents. The vote of the American people in November was a clear message that we want our borders closed, and we want only to allow people into our nation who we want to allow in and who will assimilate into our culture. That is our right as a sovereign nation. The US Supreme Court has no right, or authority, to deny the results of a valid election by needlessly putting our very lives, and those of our children and grandchildren, in danger when our duly elected President has acted lawfully to protect them. It is time for the courts to represent the American people they are paid to serve.”


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, May 10, 2017


    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, today joined a chorus of TEA Party activists and other conservatives in praising President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. Comey was fired by the President on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 after serving three and a half years of a ten year appointment.

    Zawistowski said “We are thankful that President Trump had the guts to do what few in Washington would ever do and that is to hold an unelected Washington Bureaucrat accountable for their actions. We in the TEA Party know from personal experience, that James Comey did not protect and defend the rights of American Citizens when the IRS was targeting us. This despite substantial evidence that President Obama’s Administration was using the IRS to affect the outcome of the 2012 election by attempting to stop the TEA Party from raising money and participating in the political process. This despite the clear and willful destruction of physical and electronic evidence by Louis Lerner and IRS employees under the leadership of Commissioner Koskinen. This despite hundreds of emails uncovered by Judicial Watch and the ACLJ that have caused multiple federal courts to determine the fact the IRS Targeting of TEA Party and other conservative groups was not accidental but intentional. Jim Comey failed to give millions of regular middle class Americans in the TEA Party Movement equal protection under the law when he allowed the Federal Government to attack us and deny our constitutional rights for purely political reasons. Jim Comey did nothing to investigate the IRS scandal. For that alone he should have been fired a long time ago.”

    Zawistowski added, “It is because of Jim Comey, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, the actions of “activist” judges and others that a vast majority of American’s simply do not trust our government or our legal system. Why should we? There is clearly a double standard. We the people will not accept that Hillary Clinton or any other politician is above the law that we all follow. That is why we elected Donald Trump who promised to investigate Hillary Clinton. We want Justice. We DEMAND that our laws are enforced fairly and equally on all Americans and we will not settle for anything less.”

    Zawistowski continued, “Outside the fantasy world of Washington, it worries common Americans that the Democrat’s clamor for a special prosecutor to investigate a “scandal” for which their is no evidence while there is apparently no serious investigation of clear federal crimes like unlawfully unmasking US Citizens and illegally setting up a private server, holding hundred if not thousands of classified documents, some of which were “printed out” and viewed by people without security clearance. The fact that the FBI would not investigate a candidate running for President of the United States, and a former President of the United States, who raised some $300 million, mostly from foreign countries in anticipation of future political favors, is simply beyond the pale to the regular citizen.”

    Zawistowski concluded, “We trust that President Trump will appoint a non-political, highly qualified, law enforcement professional to the post of FBI Director who will de-politicize the FBI. While the ruling class in Washington is doing everything they can to politicize this action, and “not let a crisis go to waste”, those of us in the Heartland are thrilled to see our President standing up for us and taking on the entrenched DC establishment. Keep it up Mr. President the American people are with you!”


    Timken Defeats Borges in Dramatic Upset for Ohio Republican Chair


    AKRON – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, today congratulated Jane Timken for her dramatic upset victory over incumbent Matt Borges for the powerful position of Ohio Republican Party Chairperson.  The original vote was 33 for Timken and 32 for Borges with one State Central Committee member not in attendance. A total of 34 votes was required for either of the candidates to win outright. After a second vote, which again ended up 33-32 in favor of Timken, a recess was taken. Before a third vote could be taken, it was clear that Borges could not get the votes to win and a deal was made for Timken to be the new Ohio Republican Party Chairperson while Borges would step down and become “Chairman Emeritus.”

    Zawistowski said “This is a HUGE victory for those of us in Ohio who voted for Donald Trump in November and who are sick and tired of crony and corrupt politics. Jane Timken promises to end the mafia like tactics of Kasich and Borges and restore the integrity of the Ohio Republican Party by following it’s own by-laws, holding fair elections, using the Republican National Party Platform as measuring stick for anyone wanting to run as a Republican, and serving the needs of the County Republican Parties who have been mostly ignored in recent years. The bottom line is the the Ohio Republican Party will act as political party again instead of a tool to serve a few powerful elected officials. That is what American citizens want, a party that represents them and their needs and not just the needs of the rich and powerful. We wish Jane Timken all the best in her new position, but she can be assured that the Ohio TEA Party will hold her accountable for her actions going forward just as we did with Borges.”

    This was a proxy battle between Republican President-Elect Donald Trump who supported Timken and Ohio Governor John Kasich who supported Borges. With the defeat, Kasich’s position in Ohio political circles is severely reduced as a lame duck Governor who has now lost control of the Ohio Republican Party.  Neither Kasich nor Borges supported Trump for President and they were accused of actually withholding ORP resources from the Trump campaign in Ohio in order to make him lose. Borges staffers even publicly embarrassed Trump Ohio Chairman Bob Paduchik weeks before the election causing Paduchik to remove Borges from having anything to do with the campaign. Paduchick has since become the Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) which further complicated the issue of Borges remaining ORP Chairman. Timken won in large part because Republican State Central Committee members could not see how the Ohio Republican Party could operate successfully going forward while being at odds not just with the Republican President but also with the Republican National Committee.


    Donald Trump shocks world, wins presidential election in biggest upset in political history


    Donald Trump overcame all odds Wednesday, riding the wave of an unprecedented populist movement to put himself in line to be the 45th president of the United States.The Republican presidential nominee secured the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. In doing so, he completed the biggest upset in modern political history, beating his Democratic challenger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as one of the most promising fields of Republican candidates in a generation.

    During a speech in Manhattan early on Wednesday, the president-elect promised unity after a dark campaign.

    “I pledge to every citizen of our land, that I will be a president for all Americans,” Trump said. “And this is so important to me.”

    He added: “It is time for us to come together as one united people.”

    Clinton called Trump early Wednesday to concede after the brutal campaign.

    “She congratulated us on our campaign,” Trump said. “Hillary has fought very long and very hard, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service.”

    The result came as a shock, to say the least. Markets plunged late Tuesday night as it became clear that Trump would have a better night than expected. Dow futures sunk by more than 750 points.

    Almost every major forecasting aggregator, including FiveThirtyEight, RealClearPolitics, The New York Times, and HuffPost Pollster, heavily favored a Clinton victory in the lead-up to Tuesday’s race.

    The insurgent Republican businessman’s candidacy was greeted as a sideshow by many media outlets and even other candidates when he declared on June 16, 2015. But Trump quickly gained popularity among Republican Party voters, many of whom were drawn to his populist message on issues like international trade and immigration, his unscripted speeches — which often included inflammatory rhetoric about identity-politics issues — and his promises to restore the US to previous points of perceived national glory.

    Trump’s victory Tuesday came amid a wave of support among working-class and blue-collar white voters in numerous battleground states, including Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. The New York businessman had long claimed his nationalist pitch to voters could spur high levels of voter turnout that would help propel him to the White House.

    The mood at Trump headquarters in Manhattan was joyous, as guests drank and shouted when Trump appeared to win Rust Belt states like Wisconsin and Michigan, once reliably Democratic states. Attendees, sporting suits and red “Make America Great Again” hats, appeared equally shocked at Trump’s massive upset.

    “We’re actually going to do it,” an attendee remarked as Trump appeared to pull ahead in key states.

    Just a mile away on Manhattan’s west side, the mood at Clinton’s election-night party — to which she ultimately never attended — was also one of disbelief.

    Dead silence at Hillary Clinton Javitz Center event in New York as key battleground state of North Carolina called for Trump. #2016election

    — Molly O’Toole (@mollymotoole) November 9, 2016

    Just seen a woman leave Clinton rally at Javits Center in tears. #USADecides #HillaryClinton

    — Olivia Feld (@oliviafeld) November 9, 2016

    In the women’s restroom at the Javits Center complete strangers are asking each other how they’re holding up

    — Ashley Fetters (@AshleyFetters) November 9, 2016
    Many officials and top allies were shaken.
    “This is the lowest moment in my life,” a Clinton campaign official told Business Insider.

    The Republican presidential nominee will take the oath of office in January with a mandate to fulfill a slate of lofty campaign promises. Trump has pledged several government actions that will certainly rock the US economy, including a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a massive federal infrastructure plan, a moratorium on increasing regulations, and deportation of millions of immigrants illegally living in the US.

    He has also promised national-security overhauls, including a potential return to enhanced-interrogation techniques, increasing bombing of ISIS, reevaluating the US relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, loosening background checks for purchasing firearms, and forcing Mexico to pay for a border wall on the US’s southern border.

    Trump will inherit a Congress that has remained plagued by gridlock throughout President Barack Obama’s tenure. But he will come into office with Republicans controlling both the House of Representatives and the Senate.



    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, October 28, 2016


    Ohio TEA Party Views Re-Opened FBI Investigation with Cynicism

    Akron, OH  – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, reacted to today’s announcement of the FBI re-opening of its investigation of the Clinton email scandal with cynicism. In a letter delivered today from FBI Director James Comey to Chairman Jason Chaffetz of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and others, Comey said “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation . . . I agree that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps . . . to assess their importance to our investigation.” The only way that the FBI could take “appropriate investigative steps” is to re-opened the criminal investigation into the illegal use by Hillary Clinton of a private server to store classified US Government information.

    Zawistowski reacted to the news saying, “As a citizen, let me say that the only way I would believe that this investigation is credible would be if Mr. Comey resigns as the head of the FBI and turned this investigation over to someone without any relationships to the Clinton’s or the Obama Administration. I strongly suggest that all citizens, and all voters, ignore this side show and focus like a laser on the WikiLeaks emails and the Project Veritas videos which, unfortunately, are the only sources of the truth in our nation today. The fact is that there is much, much more to come from these sources before the election, that will prove beyond doubt the total corruption of nearly everyone in our federal government, including the President himself, the media, and the establishment wing of both political parties. We are in a full blown Constitutional crisis because people like James Comey have betrayed the American people and corrupted the work of his own agents and staff at the FBI. The only way to begin the process of restoring Constitutionally limited representative governance to our nation is to elect Donald J. Trump as our next President. How anyone could vote for Hillary Clinton in light of what we know now that would put any of us in prison for years, without yet seeing the 33,000 emails she deleted, is beyond me. We have no faith in our corrupt federal government to investigate itself.”

    Zawistowski continued, “This is the same James Comey, who allowed the FBI to give immunity to pertinent Clinton staff members and others for no legal reason; who allowed the FBI to destroy critical evidence in the case as part of a misguided immunity deal; who prohibited agents from using warrants and subpoenas to gain access to critical evidence in the case; who failed to disclose to Congress or the American people that he was paid $6 million by Lockeed Martin Corporation which then became a donor to the corrupt Clinton Foundation and also paid Bill Clinton $250,000 for a speech in Ciro; and who’s brother’s firm does the taxes for the Clinton Foundation, but did not recuse himself from the investigation due to a clear conflict of interest. Now we are supposed to believe that this re-opening of the investigation is on the up-and-up?  We can’t help but notice that he says that the “FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant, and I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work.”  We find this a convenient method of taking the media spotlight off of the WikiLeak emails which just yesterday finally opened up the can of worms that is at the center of all of this public/private corruption – the Clinton Foundation – which the FBI and the Department of “Injustice” has been completely ignoring for months. No one should be surprised if this “investigation” gets dropped immediately after the election if Clinton wins, or if charges are brought after the election if Trump wins in order to save the tarnished reputation of the FBI and the discredited DOJ.



    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, October 15, 2016


    Akron, OH  – Ohio TEA Party leaders today supported the move announced today by the Trump-Pence Campaign to sever ties with Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges in a letter deliver by Trump State Director Robert Paduchick to Republican State Central Committee members.  In his letter Paduchick said “It’s no great secret that Chairman Borges was never fully on board, but his actions over the last week demonstrate that his loyalties to Governor John Kasich’s failed presidential campaign eclipse his responsibilities as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. The Chairman is also driven by an apparent insatiable need for publicity.” Paduchick continued, “I spoke with Mr. Trump on Thursday and he is very disappointed in Matt’s duplicity. Mr. Trump told me, “this is why people have lost faith in the establishment and party leaders.” I have to agree with him.”

    Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party said, “We can attest that the actions today by the Trump-Pence campaign, to sever ties with ORP Chairman Borges, are justified by what we have seen on the ground in Ohio. As an example, on October 5th we were notified that Republican State Central Committeewoman Sharon Ray, a Borges loyalist, was preventing volunteers in Medina, Brunswick and Wadsworth, Ohio from taking Trump literature with them when going door-to-door. We have documented numerous similar examples of members of the Ohio Republican Party attempting to sabotage the Trump campaign all over the state. Like Kasich, Borges clearly want’s Hillary Clinton to win. Borges is betraying the wishes of the vast majority of Republican Party members and voters in Ohio who are working their hearts out to elected Donald Trump as the next president and he has no right to do that given his position as ORP Chairman.  We could not agree more with Mr. Trump’s statement that this is why people lose faith in the establishment and party leaders. Republican’s in Ohio lost faith in Borges and the “Ohio Republican Party” years ago when we learned that there really was no Ohio Republican Party, just the Kasich “machine”, led by Mr. Borges, and this if further proof of that fact.”

    Zawistowski concluded, “I am joined by my fellow TEA Party leaders, John McAvoy President of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition and the Toledo TEA Party, and Glenn Newman, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and the Marietta 912-Project, and others throughout Ohio, in calling for the Ohio Republican State Central Committee to vote immediately to remove Mr. Borges as Chairman.  If Mr. Borges only wants to work for Mr. Kasich, then he has no business retaining the position of running the Ohio Republican Party, which is bound by it’s by-laws to support the party nominee for President. Like Kasich, Mr. Borges has failed to live up to his word to support the party nominee and his responsibilities as a Republican Party Leader. Mr. Borges is clearly not willing to do the job he is paid to do and therefore should be removed as Chairman. We urge all Ohio Republican’s to read Mr. Paduchick’s letter and then contact their Republican State Central Committee members and demand that they take action against Mr. Borges. Then go out and work as hard as you can to get others to vote for Donald Trump for President!”

    Citizens who do not know who their Republican State Central Committee representatives are can find them by going to www.YourNameOnTheBallot.com or by contacting their County Republican Party. Citizens who would like to add their name to a petition calling for Mr. Borges to be removed can do so by going to http://ohrepscc.com.



    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, October 13, 2016

    Ohio Poll Shows Trump Leading Ohio by 6.67% Pre-Debate
    Trump then Gains 4% while Clinton Loses 1% After the Debate

    Akron, OH  – The We the People Convention today announced the results of a two part Ohio poll of likely voters. The poll was intended to determine voter preferences in the presidential election prior to the debate on Sunday, October 9, 2016, but after the Trump tapes and the WikiLeaks emails were leaked on Friday, October 7, 1016, and then after the debate was over. The original poll on Saturday, October 8, 2016 of 1,539 Ohio voters showed that Donald Trump was winning Ohio by 6.67%, preferred by 46.34% of voters versus Hillary Clinton’s 39.67%. These results reflect the fact that 91% of respondents indicted that they were aware of the contents of the Trump audio tape that was released the day before the poll, while only 66% of the respondents were aware of the comments made by Clinton to bankers in the email released that same day. A strong 75% of the respondents said that they expected to watch the presidential debate the next day.

    A follow-up poll was then conducted on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 of the previous polls respondents to see if they had changed their position after the debate. Of the original 1,539 respondents, 473 took the second poll.  The results were that Donald Trump has gained 4% and Hillary Clinton had lost 1% of their support after the debate. A total of 50.22% supported Trump in the second poll while 38.47% said they supported Clinton. That gave Trump a lead of 11.75% post debate.

    The first poll was conducted on Saturday, October 8, 2016 between 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM EDT.  Calls were placed to 45,105 randomly selected voters from our data base of 4.5 million current land line phone numbers in Ohio. Of those called, 1,539 respondents completed the survey, a 3.4% response rate. The poll has a margin of error of  ± 2.46% at the 95% confidence level. Of the respondents surveyed, 38.46% vote Democrat and 38.67% vote Republican and 52% were women and 48% men. Results were gathered from 87 of the 88 Counties in Ohio. Every age group from 21 year olds to 90 year olds were surveyed.

    The followup poll was conducted on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, between 6:30 and 7:00 PM EDT. Calls were placed to 1,539 respondents to a previous poll conducted on October 8, 2016. A total of 473 took this followup poll, which is 30.07%.  The poll has a margin of error of ± 3.75% at the 95% confidence level. Of the respondents to the followup poll, 36.78% vote Democrat and 39.11% vote Republican.  51.79% were women and 48.21% men. Results were gathered from 86 of the 88 Counties in Ohio. Every age group from 21 year olds to 90 year olds were surveyed.

    The poll was conducted by TRZ Communications Services, Inc., a private communications company, located in Akron, OH that is majority owned by Tom Zawistowski, who is also the Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, and President of the We the People Convention and Ohio Citizens PAC. Zawistowski is one of fourteen founding members of the Tea Party for Trump Project.

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