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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, March 11, 2016


    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, rejected the calls by the national media and establishment party operatives suggesting Rubio and Cruz supporters in Ohio to vote for Kasich to stop Trump.  Zawistowski said, “Why would any Rubio or Cruz supporter vote for John Kasich, the person who, along with the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee, is personally responsible for their candidate not being able to compete in Ohio? Neither Rubio or Cruz has even set foot in the state and you expect their supporters to vote for John Kasich who rigged this primary, just like he rigged his re-election race in 2014, so that he could run in an uncontested race – again? Furthermore, a vote for Kasich is a vote for a rigged National Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, where party operatives will void every vote cast, by every Republican voter, in every Republican Primary in the nation, to name one of their cronies as the nominee. The Establishment thinks that Republican voters are too stupid to pick their own nominee and they do so at their own peril. They want to use Cruz and Rubio supporters as pawns in the establishment’s game to manipulate the electoral process to retain their power and control by cancelling out our votes. Doing so does not help Cruz, and does not help Rubio, it only helps RINO’s who are the reason for the rise of Trump in the first place!” 
    Zawistowski concluded, “Like Donald Trump or not, he is the only candidate who had the courage to stand up to Kasich and the establishment and compete for Ohio. He says he is a fighter and by coming to Ohio he proves that to be true. Furthermore, while many in our movement do not agree with Trump, we do respect the right of our fellow citizens who do agree with Trump to have their own opinion. Unlike the Establishment, we in the TEA Party Movement will defend the rights of the people to decide who they want to represent them in every election. To do that, we need everyone who intends to vote in the Ohio Republican Primary to go to www.OhioCitizensPAC.org and find their endorsed candidates for Ohio Republican State Central Committee and vote for them to make sure their vote is never denied again by a corrupt political system.”


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, March 5, 2016



    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, announced tonight that Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party have succeeded in their goal of denying as many as one million Ohio Republican Voters their right to vote for the Republican Presidential Nominee of their choice in this year’s Republican Primary.  Zawistowski confirmed that both the Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio campaigns have essentially “conceded” Ohio due to the rules passed by the ORP and the Ohio House last year, making Ohio a “winner-take-all” state. Neither campaign is spending money in Ohio and neither candidate has even visited Ohio. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has visited the State twice and is leading in the polls, but is also not spending significant money on the race due to the unfair advantage given to Kasich.

    Zawistowski explained, “Have you noticed all those TV ads in Ohio for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? Have you seen all their signs all over the state?  Been getting their mailings? The answer is that you have not, because they do not exist. The deck is so stacked against them by the ORP and John Kasich that they all have no choice but to concede the state.  All those Cruz voters and Rubio voters who are so excited about their candidates, thanks to John Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party, their votes just don’t count this election. Both candidates are way behind in the polls because they decided as early as last June not to campaign in Ohio. Fortunately, according to our own polls and other national polls, Trump is leading Kasich by 6% at this point, so voters have one alternative to Kasich, although that lead may evaporate as virtually all the money donated to the Ohio Republican Party is going to support Kasich’s campaign.”

    Zawistowski continued, “In the ultimate irony, Kasich and the Republican Establishment, by using a “contrived” win by Kasich in Ohio and “ideally” another winner-take-all win by Rubio in Florida to force a “brokered convention”, will have a second opportunity to invalidate tens of millions of votes by Trump, Cruz and Rubio supporters by picking another candidate as their Presidential Nominee at the Convention! This type of manipulation of the electoral process is why 75% of Republican voters on Super Tuesday said in exit polls that the Republican Leadership had betrayed them. In order to avoid this double jeopardy at the hands of John Kasich and the Ohio Republican Party, we urge Ohio voters to do two things in this primary. First, voters need not vote for John Kasich, but vote for Trump, Cruz, and Rubio to prevent Kasich winning the Primary. Second, go to www.OhioCitizensPAC.org and locate the endorsed Ohio Republican State Central Committee member in your Senate District and vote for them, so that citizens can replace the corrupt leadership in the Ohio Republican Party who implemented this plan that denied you your opportunity to vote in this primary. That is how we restore OUR Ohio Republican Party, hold those who did this heinous act accountable, and make sure this never happens again.”

    Last April 22, 2015, at Kasich’s and the ORP’s request, the Ohio House voted 23-10 to change the Ohio Primary from proportional to “winner-take-all”. This year, whichever candidate gets the most total votes wins all of Ohio’s 66 Republican Convention Delegates. This scheme intentionally made the idea of competing in Ohio financially unjustifiable for every other candidate except Kasich and therefore no other candidate is running to win in Ohio, with the exception of Donald Trump. The We the People Convention had spoken out about this move denying voters their primary vote in a Press Release last April, in which Zawistowski implored the Ohio House to vote down the measure.



    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday, February 14, 2016

    We the People Convention Announces Federal Candidate Endorsements

    Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, today announce the organizations endorsements for federal candidates in the upcoming Republican Primary. The organization endorsed Don Eckhart in the Republican Primary for for US Senate, Jim Lewis for US Congress in the Ohio 2nd District, Terry Robertson for US Congress in the Ohio 7th District, Warren Davidson and J.D. Winteregg for US Congress in the Ohio 8th District, and Matt Lynch for US Congress in the Ohio 14th District.

    In making the announcement, Zawistowski said, “Our main criteria for endorsement is to select conservative citizen representatives who will put the interests of the people before their own interests and those of any special interests.  We believe that the candidates we have endorsed for federal office are of high moral character, have the fortitude to resist the temptations of Washington, and are committed to selflessly serve the people of Ohio.  We applaud the courage of these candidates, many of whom are running against establishment supported incumbents, and thank them for stepping up to change Washington and replace party politics with representative governance. We ask all Ohio Republicans to vote for these endorsed candidates in the primary election. With this endorsement we pledge to do everything in our power to help them win.”

    The We the People Convention, Inc. is an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation who can legally make these endorsements as ruled by the US Supreme Court in the Citizens United Case. Additional endorsements may be made at a later date.


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    As we get the videos complete from the convention compiled, they will be posted here.  For one hour of video, it can generally require 20 hours of editing time to produce a high quality video.  We are grateful to our videographers Lanny and Brenda Derreberry for all the hard work put into producing these videos.

    Ted Stevenot of Ohio Rising explains the importance of county central committees and the impact it has on the candidate selection.

    Bill Norton explains how to use “The Language of Liberty” to bring the cause of Liberty to people that have not embraced the conservative message. Learn how to talk to people with concepts they support and understand!

    Dr. Tim Johnson, founder of the Frederick Douglas Foundation, talks not of just outreach, but inclusion of Blacks in the conservative movement.

    Ron Ponder, radio host on WHBC in Canton, speaks to the 2014 Convention with the theme of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

    State Representative John Adams (district 85) speaks of his experiences in the Statehouse.

    Charlie Kirk WOWS the convention with his talk on how to reach the conservative message to high school and college students. Charlie is the founder of Turning Point, which has a presence on college campuses in all 50 states.

    Jim Jordan gives an update at the 2014 We The People Convention on the Congressional investigation into the IRS Targeting scandal.

    This video is the welcome video from Richard Vigueriel. This was shown at the start of the 2014 convention.