Charlie Kirk Stands Up to Antifa at UC Davis Event

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Woke Joke of a Chancellor Records Libelous Video falsley accusing Charlie Kirk of Violence while Ignoring Violent Acts by Anti-First Amendment Antifa Facists on his own campus!

by Jennifer Van Laar,, March 14, 2023

Violent Antifa protesters are being arrested on the University of California, Davis campus after smashing doors and windows as they attempted to storm a speech by Charlie Kirk sponsored by the school’s Turning Point USA chapter.

Antifa activists have been attacking Kirk in the press and on campus in the lead-up to the event, and one of the largest newspapers in the state, the Sacramento Bee, ran a piece Tuesday falsely claiming that Kirk has “called for the lynching of trans people” and calling for the cancellation of his speaking engagement.

Charlie Kirk has called for the lynching of trans people, a comment that should warrant the cancellation of his speaking engagement at UC Davis.

— The Sacramento Bee (@sacbee_news) March 14, 2023

The tweet, made at 9:02 AM Pacific, wasn’t deleted until around 8 PM, well after the Antifa scum attacked the speech — and after 111,000 views of just that tweet.

UPDATE: Sacramento Bee Forced to Apologize for False Claims Against Charlie Kirk That Sparked Antifa Riots

The Chancellor recorded a video saying he shares students’ “distress” that a student group is bringing a “well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate and who has advocated for violence against transgender individuals” to campus. He explained to students that UC policy doesn’t allow the administration to cancel a speaker invited by a registered campus group “even if the speaker’s intended speech is loathsome and hurtful to me and to others in our campus community, but that “UC policy permits denial of request of the speaker will present a clear and present danger to the campus,” and says that the administration will be closely watching what Kirk says to see if he crosses any line.

Nothing addressing the potential violence from Antifa against Turning Point USA speakers, which has been well-documented this year. And not for nothing, but who cares if a speaker’s words are “loathsome and hurtful” to a chancellor? At any decent institution of learning, many students every semester will say things that a chancellor finds loathsome and hurtful.

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As Kirk says in this response video, he’s never advocated for violence toward trans people, and hopefully he will sue that chancellor, who should have been using his platform to tell the spoiled brats complaining to shut up.

As we now know, the speech was not canceled (probably because the University of California system has previously been successfully sued after canceling speeches by conservative pundits), but Antifa had already taken their marching orders.


Full Disclosure: The We the People Convention is a donor to Turning Point USA and one of the first events Charlie Kirk ever spoke at was the 2011 We the People Convention.



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