Is Kemp the Key to Walker Senate Win in Georgia?

Popular Newly Re-Elected Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is Fully Engaged in the Effort to Get Herschel Walker Elected as Senator and that May Be the Key to winning that Seat

by Bernini Chakraborty, Washington Examiner, November 28, 2022

Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker is hoping the state's most influential Republican can help him eke out a win in his runoff against Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock.

In a new ad released Monday, Gov. Brian Kemp is shown at a Walker rally telling the audience he has "never been more optimistic about the future of our state" and implores Georgians to vote for Walker on Election Day.

Kemp, who won reelection earlier this month against Stacey Abrams, tells voters that they "cannot rest on our laurels."

"You're going to decide who our senator is. This is going to be a turnout election," he says. "Who is more motivated? Is it them or us? That is why it is time to retire Raphael Warnock and send Herschel Walker to the United States Senate."

During the general election, Kemp cut into Abrams's margins with independents in Atlanta's suburbs while also courting more centrist Republicans, something Walker has had more trouble doing.

Neither Walker nor Warnock managed to secure enough votes for an outright win in the general election and have been forced into a Dec. 6 runoff.

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While some polls have given Warnock a slight edge, most have the candidates running neck and neck when the margin of error is factored in.

"Conservatives across Georgia are united behind Herschel Walker," campaign spokesman Will Kiley said in a statement. "A vote for Raphael Warnock is a vote for Joe Biden's radical agenda and against a better future for Georgia. A vote for Herschel Walker is a vote to restore commonsense in Washington and support Georgia first. We need to keep choppin' and take this seat back, for the people."

Walker has struggled with a barrage of negative press, including claims from two women that he pressured and paid for them to have an abortion even though he campaigned on a strict no-abortion platform. He has also faced domestic violence allegations and is accused of lying about his education and ties to law enforcement. On Sunday, Georgia authorities were asked to investigate allegations that he broke the law by claiming a tax credit on his Texas home that was designed to benefit residents living in that state even though he is running for public office in Georgia.


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